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Automated Trading Bots for cTrader

One of the biggest advantages of cTrader is the platform’s automated trading capabilities. But one of the downsides of automated trading is actually having to build the cTrader bots. This requires some software development skills. Either you already have those and you are off to s strong start. Or you have to learn them from scratch, or you have to find a freelancer to help you. Unlike the MetaTrader platforms, cTrader doesn’t use a proprietary language which is a factor that makes it hard to convert Expert Advisors to cTrader. The programing language used by cTrader is C#. cTrader has become very popular in recent years. it’s no longer difficult to find or buy a cTrader trading robot. Nor is it difficult to find a developer to create your cTrader scripts using the cTrader Automate API. Many traders still consider MetaTrader the best option for automated trading because of the strong developer community. However, the cTrader developer community is fast catching up.

Sample cTrader Bots

cTrader comes pre-loaded with a number of sample trading robots. Obviously, they are just samples. They are there to show you the cTrader script written in C# language. It’s an example of how to get started. It’s a starting point where you can understand the basics of coding in cTrader Automate. This is especially helpful because not many developers would reveal their source code.

Free cTrader Robots from the Community

On cTrader.com, which is the community website for cTrader users and developers, you can find a number of free cTrader bots. All of the trading robots uploaded here are user-generated. Usually, they are uploaded by users who want to get feedback from other traders. Or they have been uploaded by developers and vendors who want to offer a sample of their trading bot as a promotional initiative. There are a lot of vendors and developers active inside the cTrader forum.

Free cTrader Bots
cTrader Bots available from the cTrader community.

ClickAlgo Store

ClickAlgo is a software development company that specialises in cTrader development and building trading robots. As well as this, ClickAlgo operates an e-shop where you can purchase different cBots and tools for cTrader. The products available on the site come from different developers. Think of it like Amazon for cTrader. ClickAlgo is listed as a consultant on cTrader.com which adds an element of trust. We recently caught up with the Founder of ClickAlgo for an interview, read it here.

ClickAlgo Store
cTrader Bots in the ClickAlgo store

cTrader Developers and Freelancers

While ClickAlgo is the maturest marketplace for cTrader bots and tools, it’s not the only one. There are many developers who also run their own websites where they sell ready-made automated trading strategies. Remember, you should always be careful when searching for trading robots and expert advisors. Follow the common rule, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Forex attracts scammers and it’s not just brokers who can scam traders. Before buying indicators, signals and trading robots, do your research and check reviews.

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