What is the cTrader Proxy Cloud?

What is a Proxy Server?

Assuming you already know what the cTrader platform is, we should first explain what a proxy is in the context of computing. This will lay the foundation of understanding what the cTrader Proxy cloud is and what it is for. 

A proxy server is an intermediary server which supports the primary server. The purpose of proxies can vary depending on objectives. Here is an overview of what proxies can be used for. 

  • Geographically distributed to have endpoints closer to users,
  • Improve the connection to the primary server,
  • Store and serve data on behalf of the primary server,
  • Reduce the loss of data,
  • Check, filter and aggregate requests to the primary server,
  • Protect the primary server from spam or malicious attacks
  • Protect the identity of the primary server.

What is cTrader Proxy Cloud?

The cTrader Proxy Cloud is a group of over 40 points of presence. Each point of presence is one or more proxy. They are strategically located around the world in order to serve a global user-base. cTrader runs a best proxy algorithm upon launch to ensure you connect to the best possible proxy that is available. 

For example, if you are a trader based in Melbourne, you will most likely connect to a cTrader proxy in Sydney. While you are using the public internet to connect to the cTrader proxy, the proxy will use a tunnelled connection to send and receive requests from the primary server based in London. This has a number of important advantages.

  1. Historical market data is downloaded faster,
  2. Reduced latency on live price data,
  3. Orders are sent to the server faster,
  4. Lower risk of data loss (packet loss) on the journey.

cTrader Proxy Cloud Improves Security

It’s not just about performance. Security is important too. cTrader proxy servers form a barrier against anyone connecting directly to the cTrader server. Even if you are a trader based in London, you would still connect via a proxy. All traffic that passes from your cTrader application to the cTrader Server is routed through a cTrader proxy. This is in order to protect the server from unauthorized malicious connections, the main one being a DDoS attack. 

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