FAQ: What is “Spotware cTrader (Public Beta)”?

What is “Spotware cTrader (Public Beta)”?

If you Google cTrader, the top results you are going to find are from Spotware, the company who develops the platform. Most of the information here is aimed at brokers. On the site, you are able to download or launch cTrader demos and create demo accounts. The version of cTrader that you will download from Spotware’s site will be called Spotware cTrader (Public Beta). This is Spotware’s adaptation of cTrader for releasing new versions of the platform to first, before releasing them to brokers where live trading takes place. It’s essentially an Open Beta for anyone to get involved and check the next version of cTrader. There is a desktop, web, iOS and Android version of Spotware cTrader (Public Beta).

This version of cTrader is useful for the following reasons:

  1. Trying the cTrader platform before signing up and giving your details to a broker. It’s very easy to open a demo account with Spotware.
  2. Testing new features and updates before they are released to your broker where live trading takes place,
  3. There is a very long expiry date on these demo account. Some brokers limit how long you can use a demo account for.

It’s important to note that this is a demo trading environment that is probably (as far as we can tell) not maintained to the same standard as a broker’s own demo trading environment. Because of this, it’s also not recommended to backtest strategies in this demo. As Spotware is not a broker, you cannot open a live account with the same conditions. When you decide you want to use the platform, you can find a full list of cTrader brokers here.

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