Trading on RoboForex cTrader is Resumed

Trading Disabled on RoboForex cTrader

RoboForex a popular forex and CFD broker which has offered the cTrader platform for many years has recently disabled trading on the platform. The broker has made all of the forex trading pairs available in the platform “close only”. This means that only existing open positions can be closed. However, no new orders and therefore positions can be created. The company did this without any announcement to its clients. RoboMarkets, the CySEC regulated branch of RoboForex doesn’t offer cTrader. 

Upon contracting RoboForex, we were told that it’s because of liquidity provider issues. The lack of communication and explanation doesn’t look good. However, at least we can see that trading has been resumed and everything has returned to normal after not allowing trading for almost two weeks. A reputable broker should be able to manage situations better than this.

One trader in the cTrader forum said that RoboForex wouldn’t tell them when trading will be fully enabled. The same trader who has been active in the cTrader community since 2012 was told by RoboForex to try MetaTrader instead. Clearly, this cTrader advocate wasn’t ready to move over to cTrader. 

At least everything has gone back to normal for now. If you want to know more about the broker RoboForex, check out our review on the company.

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