Tradeview Spreads Reduced with Technology Improvements

Tradeview Markets Announce Lower Spreads in Volatile Markets

Tradeview Markets has been one of our recommended cTrader forex brokers for some time now. The main reason we recommended this broker is because their spreads have consistently been tight and there has always been deep liquidity behind those prices. Despite already having very good pricing, the company announced that amid volatile conditions they have managed to lower their spreads against the competition. This achievement is attributed to its Innovative Liquidity Connector platform. Tradeview spreads have proven to be consistently attractive despite a series of major economic events occurring week after week.

Announcement on Tradeview Spreads

In the companies February 7th 2020 official announcement on the matter, it was said;

Tradeview Markets has recently announced a groundbreaking reduction of its spread rates. As Tradeview quickly becomes a popular destination for both retail and institutional traders, they have made improvements to their services to accommodate the needs of the market and the needs of their growing client base.”

Recent months have seen a rapid rise in market volatility, which directly affects the pricing of financial instruments such as Gold, Oil and the Currency markets. In response to this, Tradeview, which operates as an ECN broker via its Innovative Liquidity Connector platform, offers traders a comprehensive solution by lowering spreads and providing fewer barriers to client trading.

Typically, the industry average EURUSD spread rate ranges between 0.4 – 0.7 pips on a typical trading day, with rates going as high as 1.2 pips when events such as the announcement of US Non-Farm Payrolls. Tradeview Markets now boasts industry-beating averages of around 0.0 – 0.2 pip spreads on EURUSD with less than 1 pip spreads in times of increased market volatility. 

When discussing the recent announcement with Tradeview Markets CEO, Timothy Furey, he stated, “We have promised from day one that we will not get involved in any gimmicks, ridiculous promotions or fancy sponsorships, just serious trading in the best trading environment in the industry… we further this commitment by now providing the tightest spreads in the industry with absolutely no mark-ups, coupled with our world-class customer service… call it an awakening. I felt it was time to stir things up and give our customers the same rates I am privy to when I trade.

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