Spotware Releases cTrader Open API 2.0

cTrader Open API Version 2

Spotware has announced the release of their Open API version 2 which is the new Open API of its flagship Forex and CFD trading platform, cTrader. Open API’s are a familiar concept in fin-tech. Many financial platforms, not just trading platforms support Open API standards. They allow third-party developers to build on top of an existing service, platform or product. This then enables and stimulates an ecosystem of added value services. A good example of this in the case of cTrader would be the integration between Myfxbook and cTrader. However, there are many more services available and prospects of many more in the future.

Press Release: cTrader Open API 2.0

Here are the details from Spotware’s official press release on the matter.

Open API enables third-party service providers to develop applications using the existing cTrader trading infrastructure and offer them to the large pool of cTrader users through a free, secure, and publicly accessible API. These new tools and features offer added value to cTrader platform, allowing traders to have access to a larger variety of services.

cTrader Open API v2.0 is the successor of cTrader Connect API v1.0 and will run in parallel with the previous version until v1.0 becomes deprecated. The new version has a number of improvements from its predecessor, overall enabling faster performance of apps and providing them with more functionality, thanks to being entirely based on Protocol Buffers and having added more messages.

cTrader Open API serves the mutual benefit of those trading with cTrader, as well as technology providers and development companies, by providing added value and a ready-to-use trading environment.

Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware

cTrader Open API can be used to build a number of useful applications, such as algorithmic trading services, signal providers, trading analysis applications, copy trading tools, and even complete trading applications or customized broker interfaces fulfilling their clients’ needs. Among the most popular applications developed using cTrader Open API are MyFxBook and Duplikium.

cTrader Open API is available to all cTrader Brokers by default. Developers, who wish to start using cTrader Open API, should sign up and submit their request at cTrader Open API site at Traders can use cTrader Open API applications if their broker has enabled it.

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