Spotware Release cTrader Web Update

New Features for cTrader Web

Another set of new features have just been added to cTrader Web. These new features are spread across the Trade, Copy and Analyze section of the web platform. Let’s take a look at the release notes for cTrader Web Update version 3.3.

Chart Improvements

Now you can freely move charts back to the beginning, as well as up and down without any limitations. Thanks to this, it will be more convenient to do technical analysis and see the forecasted trend.

Saved Order Values per Symbol per Account

In order to speed up your order placement, the Quantity/Size, Market Range, Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop Loss of your submitted order are now saved for next time. So, when you will select the same symbol in the same account again, the values of your last order will be already inserted.

Additional Quick Access Settings in Top Menu

More quick access settings have been added to the top menu. This provides you with easy and fast access to Email Alerts, Quick Trade, and Hotkeys as well as the settings which are already there.

Profitability in Analyze app

The analyze section’s existing metrics have been expanded. They now provide the possibility to analyze your profitability.

Favourite Symbol Button in ASP

Now you can add your favourite symbols to your Watchlist from the Active Symbol Panel.

New Features in cTrader Copy 3.3

In addition to the aforementioned bunch of additions in the cTrader web update, there are some exciting features available for cTrader Copy as well. This includes update includes the much anticipated Investor Password feature for giving read-only access to view account information.

Advanced Filtering & Sorting Options

To easily find the strategy you are interested in, there are now more options for filtering and sorting of strategies. You can now filter by strategy age, type of fees, number of copiers and copying capital, and sort by ROI, number of copiers and copying capital. Just click the button “More Filters” to show them.

Investor (Read-Only) Access to Accounts

You can now generate Investor Password for any of your accounts, providing other users with read-only access to your account profile. They will be able to see your trading statistics, current open positions, and history.

More Stats

More Statistics in Strategy Profile

Strategy profiles are extended with a new section on performance which allows tracking the account winning and losing trades filtered by years, months, and days.

Learn more about cTrader Copy

Do you want to learn more about cTrader Copy? You can check our different guide’s which have been created specifically for different users of cTrader Copy. The first guide is for investors (copy traders) who want to use the platform for copying successful strategy providers. We also created a guide just for strategy providers which helps them to get started and promote their strategy effectively.

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