Spotware Adds Autochartist on cTrader Mobile

Market Analysis by Autochartist on cTrader

Spotware has just announced the introduction of Autochartist on cTrader Mobile. The Autochartist Analysis tool is located in the Symbol Overview section for enabled trading pairs. For more details on the analysis, you can open Pattern Details which offer a complete overview of the pattern. The tool has been designed to make it fast and easy to take action on the technical analysis from Autochartist. Orders can be quickly placed in both screens of the app. This provides a seamless trading experience.

Autochartist identifies potential trading opportunities using Chart Patterns, Fibonacci patterns, and Key Levels. The analysis is generated per symbol, for timeframes as low as 15 minutes. The content displays a graphical illustration and information on the direction of potential price movement along with the forecasted price.

In the official statement, Ilan Azbel, the CEO of Autochartist, commented:

“Mobile trading is the hottest topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. This integration demonstrates how mobile trading has evolved from being a simple position monitoring tool, to now offering tools to make informed trading decisions. We are extremely proud to have been chosen as the supplier of choice to power cTrader’s analytics on their mobile application.”

In addition, James Glyde, the Chief Commercial Officer of cTrader, also commented:

“One of our goals this year is to provide traders with more information and functionality to help them make better trading decisions. The integration with Autochartist greatly contributes to this by equipping cTrader users with an essential tool for technical analysis from a market leader. Moreover, we expect a particular interest from newer traders who can get acquainted with different technical analysis concepts and gain extra validation of their own analysis.”

Introduction to Autochartist on cTrader

Autochartist is a popular service which many brokers offer to add value to traders. The company is a financial market analytics company that leverages big data and proprietary technology to help traders make more informed trading and investment decisions. They do this by conducting technical analysis on a variety of markets and provide their insights as a service. Brokers use this content on their website, in marketing emails and inside trading platforms.

Try Autochartist on cTrader

You can try Autochartist on cTrader right now on the public beta version of cTrader. The feature is available in version 3.4. To get the app, simply search for cTrader in either Google Play or the App Store and install “Spotware cTrader”. For now, it’s just a demo, but hopefully, it will be available for live trading soon. Also, Spotware is planning to release Autochartist Market Analysis on cTrader Web soon.

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