Skilling cTrader Platform is Launched

Skilling cTrader Platform Goes Live

Skilling is a Cyprus based retail forex broker regulated by CySEC. The company launched it’s own proprietary Skilling Trader, which is a proprietary trading platform. Skilling has definitely chosen to follow its own path by developing its own platform. The company has taken its individuality a step further by incorporating cTrader into its product offering. 

The Skilling Trader platform is positioned to be simple and effective, which indeed it is. The design is clean and modern. However, this isn’t enough for every trader which is why it makes sense to also offer the cTrader platform alongside their own. 

Seamless Integration with cTrader

Skilling and Spotware have collectively announced that both trading platforms have a seamless integration, which is an industry first. What does that actually mean? This feature allows traders to use a single trading account and therefore one balance to trade on either platform. Any orders you open in cTrader can be seen in the Skilling Trader platform and even modified from there. Because of this approach, you can switch between platforms at any time. 

Skilling Trading Platform Integration

This approach is very different from what’s possible with brokers offering multiple trading platforms such as cTrader and MetaTrader 4. Typically you would have a separate balance, free margin, positions, etc. in each platform. This level of integration isn’t even possible with MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. 

A Step Forward for Forex Trading Platforms

Most brokers base the majority of their business around the antiquated MetaTrader platforms and this approach essentially disables them from ever doing anything remotely innovative or interesting. 

Commenting on this achievement  André Lavold, CEO of Skilling Group, said “Put simply, we wanted to give our clients a choice which trading platform to use – our proprietary Skilling Trader, or a more advanced client-oriented cTrader. The issue you have with other brokers with multiple platforms is the need to fund two trading accounts separately, maintaining healthy margins across two different accounts, and also having two sets of trading activities. With this unique integration – everything you do in one trading platform will also be reflected in the other.

Skilling cTrader and Skilling Trader side-by-side

From Spotware’s side Alexander Geralis, the companies Business Development Manager commented; “Embracing our “Traders First” motto, we always strive to deliver a platform that would add the utmost value to our traders. As traders are becoming accustomed to sophisticated, yet easy-to use-platforms, it’s more vital than ever for brokers to cater to traders’ needs and demands. Skilling’s cTrader solution is a great example of that.”

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