Scandinavian Capital Markets launches Scand.Ex

Scand.Ex is a Traders Portal for Professional Traders 

Scand.Ex (Scandinavian Exchange) is an interactive portal empowered by Scandinavian Capital Markets and made by professional traders for traders. It is a place for traders to exchange quality news, valuable knowledge and real experience. Empowered by trusted professionals. 

Scandinavian Capital Markets marked the launch of its flagship Trader’s Portal, Scand.Ex – an interactive online learning site built by professional traders for traders.

After noticing an information void for newer traders, Scandinavian Capital stepped in to bridge the gap. Scand.Ex (Scandinavian Exchange) aims to provide traders with timely market insights, offering industry-leading resources and tools. 

“We believe this will be a tool for many traders at the start of their careers to get help, knowledge, support, and expertise of fellow experienced traders. We hope Scand.Ex will be a platform for traders to learn, grow, and get empowered to meet any challenges ahead. We want them to voice their opinions, collaborate, and know that they are not alone”, – said Michael Buchbinder, Managing Partner of Scandinavian Capital Markets. 

Scand.Ex’s leadership boasts world-renowned, professional market analysts and traders with proven track records in the markets and as business leaders. They are led by Dan Blystone, Chief Market Analyst, and Jamie Saettele, Chief Technical Strategist. 

“I am excited for the launch of this project, since we have a really outstanding team. I think we will stand out by delivering the ‘signal without the noise’ to our readers”, said Dan Blystone, Chief Market Strategist of Scandinavian Capital Markets. 

“Scand.Ex will provide professional, original market analysis to the trading community but we will also feature cutting edge tools and resources with the goal of helping traders realize their full potential”, said Jamie Saettele, Chief Technical Strategist.   

“For us, Scand.Ex is an investment in the Forex industry. We feel responsible for making [it] a better place…especially for traders. These are challenging times when many try to speculate in the capital markets and take advantage of people who feel lost and pressured to think of ways to make money online. Forex trading is a complicated profession like any finance-related work. It requires time, dedication, and learning. We believe Scand.Ex, with its professional team of analysts and educators, will be an anchor, voice, and mentor for many traders who need to level up their game”, said Arif Alexander Ahmad

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