Scandinavian Capital Markets launches cTrader

cTrader Introduced by Scandinavian Capital Markets

Scandinavian Capital Markets is a Stockholm-based forex broker, a financial institution registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA), known locally as Finansinspektionen. The company is one of the few firms authorised to offer Forex and CFD trading from Sweden. Scandinavian Capital Markets has announced the launch of the cTrader platform for both retail and institutional clients. 

While the brand Scandinavian Capital Markets is relatively new to the online forex and CFD trading space, the company has far more experience. The brand was first established as a Wealth Management Company in 2011, focusing on forex products. In 2017, the company launched Sweden’s first STP-ECN brokerage. 

The official statement

According to the official statement, the combination of cTrader, alongside a deep, multi-asset liquidity pool from an extensive list of Tier-1 financial institutions through Scandinavian Capital Markets’ established relationships, makes the platform an ideal choice for every trader. 

In the official statement released by the company, Michael Buchbinder, Managing Partner at Scandinavian Capital Markets, commented: “We are delighted to be extending our platform offering and believe that cTrader is an ideal platform for both beginners and more experienced traders. Professional traders can utilise their skills through cTrader’s API protocols, whereas novices can benefit from the platform’s advanced trading tools and risk management features to better perform their strategies. We are advocates of robust risk management and always try to help our clients make sound trading decisions. cTrader now allows us to provide the clients with all the necessary tools and resources for them to succeed and strengthen their trust towards our company”.

In addition to the comments from Scandinavian Capital Markets Managing, Alexander Geralis, Business Development Manager at Spotware, also commented: “We are pleased to welcome Scandinavian Capital Markets to our growing list of brokers. Scandinavian Capital Markets is a broker who shares our ‘Trader’s First’ mentality. We know that Scandinavian Capital Markets’ traders have been eagerly awaiting to use cTrader. We also respect how the company puts in great effort to understand the platform and its benefits before concluding that it is exactly what their traders are after”.

The Scandinavian Capital Markets cTrader platform is available for trading right now.

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