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    Introduction to Tradeview Markets

    Tradeview Markets have been in the game for the longest out of all of the cTrader brokers reviewed on having launched back in 2004. As well as their Forex and CFD retail trading business which is of particular interest to us, it’s also worth noting that Tradeview also offers stock trading via a platform called Sterling Trader. The company also offers institutional Prime of Prime services to other forex brokers. Because of this experience they were able to jump into the world of cTrader easily and compete with the other brokers such as IC Markets and Pepperstone who have been offering the platform for much longer. 

    What We Liked

    Here is a brief rundown of what we liked about our experience Tradeview Markets. More details about each point can be found inside of the review. 

    1. Affordable trading. The cost of trading with Tradeview is far cheaper than other cTrader brokers like FxPro which charges almost double. Spreads are great and commission is low, even on the cTrader platform, which is ideal for high volume traders or trading algorithms.
    2. Personal. After signing up we were contacted via email by one of their sales representatives. He was able to guide us through the onboarding process and ensured everything went smooth. 
    3. Strict and serious KYC and AML policies. Don’t be fooled by their offshore Cayman regulation, the Cayman Islands regulator is in fact as strict as any other. 
    4. Wide range of deposit methods. Tradeview has one of the widest range of deposit options and account currencies we have seen for a while. These options include cryptocurrencies.

    What We Don’t Like

    And now, here is a short overview of what we didn’t like about our experience with Tradeview. Again, more details about these points can be found further into the article. 

    1. Separate client zone for each trading account. It’s strange that you cannot see your accounts in one place. You have to log in to see the details of your account.
    2. Registration forms can be made simpler. The registration forms seem long and complex at first glance. They could be made more user-friendly. 

    We’ve also been lucky enough to interview one of Tradeview Market’s members of the management team. Check out our interview with Michael Turck

    About Tradeview Markets

    Tradeview Forex cTrader is a relatively new venture for the company. The platform was a late addition to their existing trading platform offering which includes MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and Currenex. Tradeview is regulated by CIMA in the Cayman Islands. However, the company is physically based in New York. This makes them one of the few remaining forex brokers based in the United States since the Dod-Frank act suppressed the market. However, they don’t actually provide any services to US citizens, they just run their business from the United States. 

    Year Established 2004
    Year Started Offering cTrader 2016
    Regulation Cayman Island (CIMA)
    Number of Employees 30+

    Tradeveiw Forex Trading Conditions 

    Tradeview Markets offer some of the tightest spreads and lowest commissions out of all of the cTrader brokers we have analyzed. The only other forex broker that comes close to this is IC Markets. Like most brokers, Tradeview has two account types, and trading conditions differ slightly for each. These accounts types are the “X Leverage Account” which translates to the Standard account, which basically doesn’t charge any commission, but the spread is larger since the broker puts a markup on the quotes. And there is the “Innovative Liquidity Connector” which translates as their ECN account, which has a commission charge, but incredibly tight spreads. 

    Maximum Leverage 1:400
    Asset Classes Forex, Metals, Energies, Cryptos
    Total Number of Trading Pairs 60
    Trading Commissions $4 Per Lot ($20 per $1 million)
    Account Currencies USD / EUR / GBP / JPY
    Minimum Deposit $100
    Spreads From 0.0
    Stop Out Level 50%

    Accessibility to Tradeview Markets Services

    Tradeview Markets is one of the most accessible cTrader Brokers. We say this because they can accept the widest range of jurisdictions. This is because they are regulated in the Cayman Islands. One of the offshore advantages is being able to accept clients worldwide, yet it’s still one of the strictest regulators in the area of KYC and AML. Boasting this regulation allows Tradeview to accept citizens of most countries including Canada. Tradeview also accepts the widest range of deposit methods and deposit currencies out of all cTrader Brokers, including the ability to deposit cryptocurrencies to trade forex. The only downside of this is that not all payment methods are available to everyone. For example, Skrill cannot be used by Europeans. 

    Countries Excluded US & Sanctioned Countries
    Deposit Options Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, uphold, bitpay, e payments, UnionPay, SticPay, TransferMate, OK Pay, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, My Bit Wallet
    Deposit Currencies USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR, JPY, ZAR, CHF, MXN, RUB, IDR, CNY, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
    Withdrawal Fees Yes, depending on the withdrawal method
    Social Trading Yes. cTrader Copy & MAM

    Our Experience with Tradeview Markets

    If you want to know what to expect when opening your forex trading account with Tradview, here’s our experience.

    Verifying our Account

    The registration form seemed daunting at first. Most online registrations are broken up into steps. This isn’t applicable just to online trading, but definitely when opening an account with a broker a lot of information needs to be provided. After submitting our information we were shortly contacted by one of their sales agents who wanted to clarify some details. This all went smoothly. 

    Depositing with Skrill

    We played around with a few options and it did seem a bit confusing that some payment methods took you to a different page where you had to input information yourself, such as account number, first name and last name. Since we are already signed it, why should we need to do that? In the end, we decided to deposit with Skrill since we had a balance there already. The minimum deposit was $100, and we chose to deposit the minimum. There was no commission and we received exactly $100. 

    Tradeview Markets Deposit Options

    Tradeview Markets Deposit Options

    The Client Zone

    In the case of Tradeview Markets, they call the client zone the “Cabinet”. There is a dropdown option at the top of the website. Here you can see four options. Once you choose your option, which was cTrader in our case, then you log into a specific account. This is not a great design. 

    Select Platform on Tradeview Forex

    Select Platform on Tradeview Forex

    Inside the client cabinet, there is not much information here. There is just a basic summary and options to make deposits, withdrawals and transfers to other trading accounts that you have. 

    Tradeview Markets Client Cabinet

    Tradeview Markets Client Cabinet

    Customer Support

    After asking a few dumb questions about forex trading and our account type in general, the support agent a Tradeview was patient with us. Our questions were answered clearly and carefully and certainly gave a positive vibe. 

    Withdrawing from Tradeview

    We decided to withdraw the same way we deposited. Again since it was familiar to us and we are active users of Skrill since it’s supported throughout the forex trading industry. In the future, we will test some of the alternative methods which are offered and update this review. 


    Conclusion of Tradeview Forex

    The conclusion here is quite simple. Where it truly matters, things are perfect. Customer support and trading conditions are impressive. The website, registration forms and client zone are questionable, and there is certainly a lot of room for improvement. At the end of the day, the majority of your interaction with a forex broker is through their trading platform, not their client cabinet, so these flaws can be overlooked to an extent. Click here to sign up with Tradeview Markets. 

    Last updated: 07.09.2019

    Tradeview Markets cTrader Review
    Tradeview Markets cTrader Review
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