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    Introduction to Ruby Star Gold 

    Ruby Star Gold is not your typical cTrader broker that you are likely to trade with. The company is actually a physical gold broker based in Dubai. Ruby Star Gold is part of a group called Egypt Gold. Egypt Gold apparently started out as an Egyptian jeweller who opened a small shop in Cairo in 1935. It is a family run business which was taken over by younger generations. Each business in the group of companies specializes in fine jewellery and precious metals. Each company is focused in different areas, such as trading, investing, dealing and jewellery.

    Ruby Star Gold Services

    Ruby Star Gold is a physical gold broker based in Dubai. The company sells gold in all shapes and sizes. From 1g up to 1kg and in coins or bard. You can buy small 2.5-gram gold bars online for delivery at home. As the company acts as a dealer, you can also sell your physical precious metals to Ruby Star Gold.

    Ruby Star Gold cTrader

    You might be wondering if Ruby Star Gold is a physical gold dealer why would they need a CFD trading platform like cTrader? Well, it’s for hedging. Since they have a number of clients who all own physical gold, they are all essentially long on gold. If the price of gold is ever dropping, their clients are able to wire fiat or liquidate some of their gold investments and deposit into their cTrader account. Once they have a balance, they will be able to short gold as a CFD and hedge their physical gold investment. They could even speculate by sorting other precious metals like silver if there is ever a trend causing this asset class to drop in value.

    Ruby Star Gold isn’t your typical FX and CFD broker. Check our complete list of cTrader brokers here

    Ruby Star Gold Review
    Ruby Star Gold Review
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