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    Introduction to MFM Group

    MFM Group also known as Mocaz Financial Markets, is a provider of the cTrader platform in some manner of speaking. We found the companies cTrader app in the Google Play Store. A cTrader app published in an official marketplace is a reliable confirmation that a company offers the cTrader platform in an official capacity. The Privacy Policy associated with this application points to a website called RealTrader Community which we will explore in the following section.

    MFM Group cTrader App

    MFM Group cTrader application listed in Google Play.

    MFM Group appears to be a parent company Mocaz Financial Markets, a forex broker based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Strangely, the Mocaz website doesn’t list the cTrader platform on its website by name, yet screenshots of the platform used in the product page AutocopyTrade which appears to be related to their RealTrader Community.

    Mocaz Financial Markets cTrader

    Mocaz Financial Markets website showing cTrader screenshots

    Chose a Better Forex Broker. We don’t recommend trading Mocaz Financial Markets. Check out these brokers:


    Introduction to RealTrader Community

    RealTrader Community is a website we discovered because of its association with MFM Group Services. RealTrader Community or abbreviated to RTC is a social trading ecosystem. This ecosystem is a place where users can create a social profile and interact with other users. RealTrader Community envisions that traders will discuss and share trading ideas. Besides vague inspirational and motivational text, there aren’t many details besides it being for copy trading.

    MFM Group Corporate Services

    Looking at the MFM Group website, it appears the company is not a forex broker. This company seems to be a consultant to brokers and FinTech companies. The products and services advertised on the MFM Group website include;

    • Merchant Account Integration: This is for brokers to process payments from their clients. It’s currently an enormous challenge in the industry.
    • Hosting Server Management: Not clear what this is. It just looks like a bunch of innovations buzzwords linked together by passive jibberish. 
    • Website: They develop websites. 
    • Search Engine Optimization: SEO solutions that focus on marketing your company. This statement is somewhat of an oxymoron. 
    • Mobile Apps: Vague solutions that are related to mobile devices. 

    MFM Group Conclusion

    Considering their claim to have led the charge into the new world of responsive web design, they must have forgotten to update their own website and forgetting to use keywords on a website is another embarrassing failure for a company offering SEO solutions. Perhaps this website is just a placeholder and very little concern is given to this particular website. The Mocaz Financial Markets website appears to be the most detailed. 

    It’s not very clear how you can trade on cTrader with this broker. We suggest exploring other brokers reviewed on our website, such as IC Markets, OctaFX and Trader’s Way.

    MFM Group Review
    MFM Group Review
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