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    Introduction to INMARKET FX 

    INMARKET FX is a brand name of a company called Integrated Markets LTD which is incorporated in Vanuatu. The company is sometimes referred to as Investment Market FX. The companies footer mentions license number 14810. It is not clear what this license number is related to. After searching for this number in logical places such as the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission databases, this license number could simply be someone’s fishing license. On the website, the primary language is Spanish, which emphasizes that the company is focused on the Latin American market. The company appears to be based in Mendoza in Argentina, where their office is located.

    INMARKET FX Office

    The INMARKET FX Office in Argentina

    Rest assured that the relationship between Integrated Markets and cTrader has been terminated. If you are looking for a regulated, reliable and decent cTrader broker, try these suggestions;

    INMARKET FX Scam Warnings

    The social media profiles of INMARKET FX seem to have been decommissioned. Google searches show that Facebook pages did previously exist, yet all of those pages have been removed. In their place, a new Facebook page has been launched, titled “Inmarketfx – Imexchange – estafa por Diego Aguerowhich translates to “Inmarketfx – Imexchange – scam by Diego Aguero”

    Moreover, according to forex review site the Spanish financial watchdog, the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) has issued a warning against Integrated Markets LLC for targeting Spanish investors without authorization to do so. 

    Is INMARKET FX Still Operating

    Even though the social media pages of Integrated Markets have been removed and access to trading platforms is denied, it looks like the broker is still trying to target investors. Below is an ad running and promoting the website. The ad reads VFSC regulated broker | Low commissions Learn more about us and our trajectory”


    Google Search Ad for INMARKET FX in January 2020

    IM Exchange Scam

    IM Exchange Website

    A screenshot from the IM Exchange website.

    A crypto exchange brand called Integrated Markets Exchange or IM Exchange has also sprung up. The About Us page of this crypto exchange that Diego Agüero is part of their leadership team. The very same Diego that is referenced in the Facebook page launched by disgruntled investors and highlighted on the INMARKET FX team. Most confusing of all is that this crypto exchange’s Facebook profile is covered in listings of rural properties for sale in Argentina. 

    IM Exchange Facebook Post

    Rural properties for sale on the IM Exchange Facebook page

    INMARKETFX Platforms

    The company advertises MetaTrader 4, Currenex and cTrader platforms in the software section on its website. We have been able to verify that this broker did previously offer MT4 and cTrader, however, both platforms are no longer operational. 

    If you want to protect yourself from forex scams and cons, check our previous article, Do Scam cTrader Brokers Exist. Don’t forget to check our complete list of cTrader brokers before choosing your next forex broker. 

    INMARKET FX Review
    INMARKET FX Review
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