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    Introduction to Haxi Capital

    Haxi Capital is a new cTrader broker. There is not much more to be said besides this. We stumbled across this brokers website a couple of months ago in September 2019 and it raised a few eyebrows. The website currently lacks a lot of vital information, it is poorly structured and doesn’t say a whole lot about the companies background and accolades. To get more information about this company, the only place we could find anything was on Social Media. 

    About Haxi Capital Forex Trading

    The first major red flag with regards to this broker is that the company claims to be authorized and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission. After searching the https://www.fscmauritius.org/ there is no entity registered as Haxicapital Ltd with the regulator and we could not find any records of the license number or registration number. 

    Haxicapital Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (the ”FSC”, license no. C1150126172). Registration number RC 1570975.

    Not Licensed

    Haxi Capital is not licensed by the Mauritius FSC.

    Do Not Trade with Haxi Capital

    Haxi Capital is most likely a scam. Check these cTrader brokers who are well known, regulated and have a proven track record lasting years. 

    This broker offers the cTrader platform as their one and only platform. The Haxi Capital cTrader platforms are available in the Play Store and the App Store, published by Spotware. The company claims to offer a range of instruments, including forex, commodities and indices. Additionally, the company advertises futures, cryptocurrencies and ETFs, which are not visible in the trading platform. This gives more doubts on the accuracy of the information on the broker’s website, something we will explore later. 

    Reasons to be Cautious about Haxi Capital

    There are many things that are cause for alarm with this company. First of all, the license information just isn’t true. There is no physical address mentioned on the website. A UK mobile phone number is given as part of the contact details. The website was registered on the 1st of July 2019, making this incredibly new. The blog has the “Hello World” default post that comes with WordPress and there is a food category with a post about apple pie. The icing on the cake (no pun intended) is the countless grammatic errors and the term cTrader has been written in several different ways. 


    Hello World Post on Haxi Capital Website

    Haxi Capital Social Media Presence

    After checking the Facebook and Twitter pages of Haxi Capital, we could see that the company mentions that it is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Both pages have been set up in September 2019. The company notes “Haxi Capital Ltd is positioned to helping her clients experience the the beauty of trading with easy and fast with our variety of leveraged products from multi-asset classes, within the global market space as a speculator, hedger or investor.”

    Seminar Images

    Haxi Capital Seminars from Twitter

    The company seems to be advertising itself via social media and through offline events in the local community. Considering everything noted above, we absolutely do not recommend investing with or even giving any contact information of personal details to open a demo trading account. Haxi Capital is clearly not a reliable financial services provider and could even be considered a scam.

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    Haxi Capital Review
    Haxi Capital Review
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