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    Introduction to Fintec Global Markets

    Fintec Global Markets is a forex broker based in Nigeria. The company advertises a variety of different features, such as trading platforms, trading account options, such as leverage and deposit requirements and MAM and PAMM services. During our research, we found two different websites operating under the brand Fintec Global Markets. Due to certain similarities, such as contact information, we concluded that they represent the same business. 

    Avoid Fintec Global Markets

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    Fintec Global Markets Websites

    One of the websites is called, and the other is The former is the domain associated with the brokers cTrader Web platform hosting. 

    Fintec Global Markets cTrader

    Fintec Global Markets hosted cTrader platform

    There could be a valid reason why two websites are currently available. The company could be migrating from one site to another, having secured a better, shorter domain name and actively making improvements. This excuse makes some sense because one of the websites advertises just cTrader and the other website promotes just MT5. Neither of the websites mentions how to download MT4, despite the company also having this trading platform as well. Because of the inconsistencies, they could be actively switching sites and not following standard best practices. 

    Imitation of GTForex License

    On the website of, we found a reference to a license “Regulated By FSA Licence No. 50/LLC/2015”. We spotted that this license information is used on another website of a forex broker called GT Forex. It then became apparent that the website is a complete clone of website. Moreover, GTForex is apparently registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which is a jurisdiction where forex is not formally regulated, so there is no such license. I.e. they copied the details of a bogus license; therefore, we are not dealing with smart individuals here.

    Looking closer, it became apparent that the entire GTForex website had been copied by, almost word for word.

    Fintec Global Markets vs GTForex

    Striking similarities between Fintec Global Markets and GTForex website

    When reviewing what we presume is the newer site for Fintec Global Markets, much of that plagiarised content is still present, for example in the FAQ section. The theme of the website is at least different, and unlike the former site, there is a client zone where traders can presumably sing up. It appears as though these websites are either a work in progress or an abandoned project. Many internal links don’t exist, and buttons seem to point to pages that don’t correlate. 

    Fintec Global Markets Social Media Activity

    This forex broker has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. All of these profiles seem to be completely abandoned. The most recent activity was on Twitter in September 2019. The last post on Facebook was in March 2019. If the company doesn’t prioritize its appearance on its websites or social media, what is the purpose of these resources for and how does this company acquire its clients?


    Conclusion of Fintec Global Markets Review

    From our perspective at least, these anomalies show a significant amount of unprofessionalism. Running a forex brokerage requires experience and integrity. A website is the primary contact point between trader and broker, and with so many irregularities, it makes you wonder if your money can be trusted with this company. We will keep an eye on the developments of the website to see if our interpretation is just a misunderstanding.

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    Fintec Global Markets Review
    Fintec Global Markets Review
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