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    Introduction to ClickAlgo Review

    ClickAlgo is a financial technology company that builds various trading tools and apps. Most of these tools revolve around the cTrader platform. The firm is based in the United Kingdom. Many of the tools developed by ClickAlgo use coded algorithmic sequences to perform certain trading functions. They also offer add-ons, robots, and other custom apps. Paul Hayes is the man behind this bright idea. He joined hands with other like-minded experts to make ClickAlgo what it is today. It is an official cTrader consultant according to the information on the cTrader website. Here, Paul assists traders in solving issues or building any tool their heart so desires. If you haven’t already, you can check the interview we did with Paul earlier in the year

    What Inspired The Formation of ClickAlgo?

    After working for almost 20 years, in the information technology industry, Paul decided to venture into the software generation sector. Yes, he wanted to assist both newbies and experienced traders in solving many of their queries. Of course, the traders had various concerns such as knowledge in the ever-evolving trading platforms.

    Behind the name ClickAlgo?

    The name is a combination of two words, “Click and Algorithm” As one clicks their mouse; they link up using algorithm codes to trade. Initially, it was known as cAlgo4U but later rebranded. It has been in operation for over four years. Qualified experts run the company. They keep on incorporating new ideas relating to financial trading instruments and in particular, forex. It is an e-shop for all, regardless of their trading experience. Even more importantly, their prices are pocket-friendly.

    What ClickAlgo Does

    The company builds various trading tools, apps, and robots which are sold through an e-shop. They also give trading advice in respect to building expert advisors, provide a number of resources and materials to traders for cTrader, and other platforms. The management continues researching new ideas and features to address the concerns of the traders. Comments from various stakeholders come in handy. They also assist customers in installing the apps, and tools. 

    What Products Does ClickAlgo Offer?

    The firm offers various products that have been created in-house. All of their products are supported and regularly updated to ensure that they incorporate the latest technology in the market. In addition, they also offer products which have been developed by other coompanies All these products are cTrader compatible. Remember, robots can do what human beings cannot do. Here are some unmatched benefits of these tools, Minimal emotional influence, disciplined, very fast, and back-testing ability among others. They are classified into the following categories;

    Free trading software, Add-on tools, Manual trading terminals, Trading applications, Coding and programming service, Here are some of those products, Zigzag extension alerts, Automated Telegram chart signals, DI Export Date and Price to File, Harmonic Pattern Recognition Indicator, Forex Guide Hedge, Advanced Forex trading Robot, Forex News Release Manager, DI Napoli Stochastic Trading System, Neptune 9 Forex Trading Robots, Moving Average Cross over Strategy, Advanced Risk Management assistant, Quick FX Trading Terminal, Forex Master Status Dashboard, Trader Risk & Reward Chart Trading Tool, Supper Resistance Level Zones, Professional Trading Software Widgets.

    Can you Trust ClickAlgo?

    If customer reviews and the expertise of the management is anything to go by, then, they are indeed trustworthy. The company has a number of glowing reviews on their Trust Pilot page 

    Here are some customer reviews,

    ClickAlgo Review Trust Pilot

    Review from Trust Pilot User

    ClickAlgo Facebook Review

    ClickAlgo Facebook Review



    There are a number of different apps and tools available for purchase from ClickAlgo. Many of the products are available for a trial period. It’s not a one size fits all concept. What is great is that you can test what works for you. So it is upon you to decide which tool or app is best for you. As for concluding if the company is well-intended and trustworthy, then for sure, that can be agreed.

    ClickAlgo Review
    ClickAlgo Review
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