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    Introduction to Alpfin

    Alpfin is an FCA regulated company based in Canary Wharf London. Unlike most of the cTrader brokers that we have reviewed on our site, Alpfin isn’t actually a retail-focused broker. This means that you cannot open a cTrader account with them, which is a shame, due to the historical lack of FCA regulated cTrader brokers. At this moment in time, the only experienced FCA regulated cTrader broker is Pepperstone. 

    Since Alpfin isn’t accepting retail accounts, you might be wondering what it is they exactly do. Firstly, the company acts as a liquidity provider, which is what their FCA license is required for. On top of this, Alpfin is a technology consulting company for other brokers. These days, brokers rely on a lot of different third party technologies. If you can’t hire the right experts, you need a consultant who can provide unbiased advice on what solutions to work with. 

    Alpfin helps brokers to manage their connections to liquidity providers via price feed aggregation platforms, optimize internal processes, manage server performance and configurations, reduce costs and reduce complexity. 

    Alpfin and cTrader White Labels

    One of the services that Alpfin provides is white labels of the cTrader platform. The company can white label their own instance of the cTrader platform to other brokers. This means Alpfin can provide a bundle of their liquidity, a trading platform and their consulting services which help the broker to get to market. 

    The concept of white labelling a trading platform is actually very common in the forex trading industry and many firms specialize in this. Smaller brokers usually rely on these services. It requires a lot of resources to operate a broker on your own. It’s not just customer experience that brokers need to consider, they also need to comply with a lot of rules enforced by regulators.

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    Alpfin cTrader Review
    Alpfin cTrader Review
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