New Features for cTrader Mobile Apps

Many Updates for cTrader Mobile Apps

Spotware has recently updated its public beta version of the cTrader mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. This new update comes just a short time after the previous update which was released just 6 weeks ago. For cTrader mobile users this is a very good sign that the company is increasing the frequency of its updates. This is version 3.0 and it welcomes three noteworthy features.

Drawings on Charts

Image of new Feature on cTrader Android: Drawings on Charts
cTrader Android: Drawings on Charts

When Spotware released their brand new cTrader mobile applications they sacrificed a few features which the previous version did have. This certainly disgruntled more than a few traders. One of those features was being able to use drawings on charts. Now the app has the ability to draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal trend lines. Drawing can be found from the new squiggly line icon underneath the chart.

Custom Colours for Indicators

Image of new Feature on cTrader Android: Custom Colours for Indicators
cTrader Android: Custom Colours for Indicators

Another feature which is welcomed back in this update is the ability to customize the indicators. Prior to this, indicators applied to charts were only able to be used in the default colour and could not be changed. Now you are able to customize the colour of your indicators. Just find the indicator you want to customize from the indicator list, select it and you will see the options to customize each element.

More Zoom Settings

Image of new Feature on cTrader Android: More Zoom Settings
cTrader Android: More Zoom Settings

In this update, you are now able to zoom our even further to fit more periods in the chart. This is great if you are trying to do long-term price analysis.

If you want to find out more about the new cTrader mobile apps, you can find our detailed introduction here.

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