New cTrader Copy Features

Improvements for cTrader Copy Features

cTrader Copy is the Copy Trading functionality of the platform. It is tightly associated with the web trading platform and at present, cTrader Web is the only way to access copy trading features from cTrader. There are rumours that Spotware is working on bringing cTrader copy features into the mobile version of the platform. Currently, we are not sure how close to being ready that is. Certainly, there has been a swarm of new updates on the mobile platform, so it could be that much of the company’s focus is drawn towards cTrader mobile. 

cTrader Web version 3.4 includes some new cTrader Copy features. Let’s explore these new features. 

Copying Started Details Added

The Details section for your Copy Trading Account has been updated to include the date and time of when you started copying a strategy. This way you know when you started copying and can easily track when performance and management fees will be charged.

Add & Remove All Funds to/from Copying Account

The Add Funds dialogue and Remove Funds dialogue has been modified to include an Add/Remove All Funds option. This way, all available funds can now be added or removed with a click of a button. This is instead of manual number insertion, simplifying the procedure and saving you from making mistakes and wasting time.


Unfortunately, there is nothing life-changing, but some minor improvements are good to see nonetheless. New copy trading features do seem to be slightly neglected. We hope to see some more in the future. 

Sadly, cTrader Copy isn’t supported by all cTrader brokers. Check out our cTrader Broker reviews to discover which brokers are offering the service. This means you don’t waste time opening an account with a broker only to find out you can’t use the copy trading service with them. 

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