New cTrader Content Integrations

cTrader Goes All-in on Content

In another feature-rich update which has just been released for cTrader Web, the scope has a slight difference to the usual updates. That’s because this update incorporates features from third parties. The platform is now integrated with top fundamental and technical analysis tools in the market. These are the FXStreet Economic Calendar and Autochartist Market Analysis. Spotware recently announced the inclusion of Autochartist in cTrader Mobile. We can presume that FXStreet will also be added to the mobile version of cTrader in the near future. In addition to these new integrations, cTrader is already integrated with Trading Central another technical analysis provider. Collectively these integrations in the platform will help traders to take more informed decisions.

In the official statement, Panagiotis Charalampous, the Head of Community Management at Spotware, commented:

“FXStreet and Autochartist equip traders with vital information and guide them in their trading activity. These are the major tools for fundamental and technical analysis that add real value to cTrader users. We choose to integrate with the leading content providers because when it comes to traders, we never settle for anything but the best.”

FXStreet for all cTrader Brokers

In Spotware’s official statement it was stated that FXStreet Economic Calendar will be released to all cTrader Brokers. This presumably means that Spotware has a license agreement with FXStreet to redistribute the content. Whereas for Autochartist it was stated that it will only be available to brokers who are subscribed to Autochartist services. From what we understand, this is the same method for brokers who are offering Trading Central Targets in cTrader.

cTrader Content Integrations

It’s not only FXStreet, Trading Central and Autochartist who are integrated inside of cTrader. The list of cTrader content providers is longer than this. There is a number of other providers integrated into the platform for providing news and analysis. Listed on Spotware’s website are providers such as Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters and FXWirePro. All of which are able to stream live news feeds into the platform. The availability and coverage will always depend on the broker’s commercial agreement with the provider.

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