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cTrader Update Version 3.6

Spotware has announced the release cTrader Desktop 3.6. According to the press release, the new version comes with a series of bug fixes, performance improvements and user experience perks and new functionality in the cTrader Automate API (formerly cAlgo API). 

For the cTrader Desktop 3.6 update, we decided to give even more room for personalized trading experiences. Panagiotis Charalampous, the Head of Community Management at Spotware

The new feature that Spotware draws the most attention to is this release is that cBots (cTrader Robots) are now able to manipulate (move around and change) objects on cTrader’s charts. This means that cBots can become even more integrated technical analysis processes as opposed to just trading robots. We can learn more about this development from Spotware’s statement. 

“For the cTrader Desktop 3.6 update, we decided to give even more room for personalized trading experiences”, says Panagiotis Charalampous, the Head of Community Management at Spotware, “Traders can now add custom UI elements and modify chart controls in Automate API for both – cBots and indicators. This way, they are free to create their very own native cTrader space, which automatically adapts styling and color based on dark or light platform color themes. We are sure that this will mark a new degree of trading experience personalization and open up an extra competitive edge for our brokers.”

New cTrader Automate Features

The flagship and massively understated feature in this release of cTrader is the ability to create custom UI elements on cTrader charts using the cTrader Automate API. Developers can now ass custom UI elements on the chart of cTrader for cBots and indicators. This allows them to use panels with different layouts, controls such as a button, text field or checkbox and images, shapes and objects. There is even a preloaded sample trading panel in the cBots section to help developers to get started with this new functionality. 

Another highly anticipated feature included here is the ability to allow cBots to automatically start when launching cTrader. If the cTrader application was closed while any cBots were running, those same cBots will launch the next time cTrader is launched. This is very important in case of any unexpected system crash or power outage. Similarly, the platform now offers three different startup modes to choose from. This allows you to state how the platform should behave when running multiple instances. 

This is a great update and we are looking forward to seeing what new third party tools will arise from this really limitless new functionality. 

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