MetaTrader 4 Compatibility with macOS Catalina Broken

New macOS Update Breaks MetaTrader 4 Compatibility

For Trader’s using Apple Macbooks or other devices which are using the macOS operating system, there is a nasty surprise coming with Apple’s latest update called Catalina. The release of the new version of the system which is called Catalina, Apple has ceased support for all 32bit applications. MT4 is running natively in 32bit and there is no 64bit version of the trading. This means that the MetaTrader 4 application will no longer be supported by the new macOS update.

No More Updates for MetaTrader 4

Currently, there is no solution to solve this issue and it is unlikely going to be one since MetaQuotes has stated on multiple occasions that it will no longer provide updates for the now obsolete MetaTrader 4 platform. If you wish to keep using MT4 on your Mac, the only solution is to postpone the Catalina update, find another way to trade or find another trading platform. 

For traders who have already updated to Catalina and lost MetaTrader 4 compatibility, you may be able to use your broker’s web trader version of MT4. But not all brokers offer a web version of MT4 and they are not all the same either. While the web version does offer a slightly different experience it does still allow you to log in and trade with your MT4 accounts. There is also the option of switching to mobile apps available for both iOS and Android.

Is this an Advantage for cTrader

The fact that MetaTrader 4 offered a native version for macOS gave it a huge advantage over cTrader. Now MetaTrader 4 compatibility for Mac has gone, this change will very much level the playing field. MetaTrader 4 is likely going to be phased out as more and more trader updated their operating systems, is this going inspire MT4 traders to consider other trading platforms like cTrader? Despite cTrader not having a native version for macOS, perhaps you could settle for some of the workarounds mentioned in our article on how to install cTrader desktop for Mac. If a native desktop trading experience on your macOS device is a dealbreaker, check this article which explores multiple trading platforms which offer a native macOS version.  


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