Is it Possible to Use cBots in cTrader Web?

Using cBots in cTrader Web

cTrader Web is flouted as the answer for Mac users wanting to trade on the cTrader platform while no desktop application is available and no workarounds function stably. However, many traders refute this suggestion due to the inability to run automated trading robots in cTrader Web, or custom indicators for that matter. 

While cTrader Web could be a suitable solution for point and click traders, it’s nowhere close to being helpful for traders with automated strategies or custom-built indicators. 

Traders have been asking Spotware to support custom indicators and cBots in cTrader Web since 2013. However, the platform developers have dismissed this suggestion citing significant technical challenges. The way the web application and desktop application run on the computer are very distinct from one another and the technologies used are acutely different. These complexities would make this undertaking truly unfeasible and mean it’s profoundly unlikely that cBots in cTrader Web or custom indicators will be ever be supported. 

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