iOS & Android Update for cTrader Mobile Public Beta

New Update for cTrader Mobile

Spotware has just released an update to for their new mobile applications which are still in the process of being rolled out to cTrader brokers. The cTrader Mobile Public Beta apps have been updated to version 2.9 and are available now in app stores and will be coming soon to your broker. The new update comes with a new chart type called “Area Chart” and a chart measuring tool called the Pipsometer.

Area Chart Type

As per the high demand Spotware claims to have received from traders, the new version has incorporated a new chart type called “Area” or also known as “Mountain” chart. It shows the peaks and dips of price visually resembles the appearance of a mountain.

cTrader Mobile Mountain Chart (from iOS)
Mountain Chart from cTrader iOS


Using the Pipsometer tool, you can precisely measure distance in pips and periods from one position to another on your cTrader mobile charts. The indicator clings to Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) of candles which makes the measurement tool very easy to use.

These features are only available in the Public Beta version of cTrader. Be one of the first to know when these features become available for real trading with your broker to and stay up to date with all of the latest cTrader news and insights, stay tuned to

cTrader Mobile Pipsometer Tool (from cTrader iOS)
Pipsometer Tool from cTrader iOS

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