Interview with VARIANSE Head Of Client Success

We had the opportunity to sit down with TJ, Head of Client Success at VARIANSE, after hearing about some of the exciting developments at his firm. The last time we caught up with VARIANSE in the winter of 2020, it had just adopted the cTrader platform. Since then, the firm has grown rapidly, expanding both its team and service offering, including raising awareness of its copy trading platform.

For those unfamiliar, VARIANSE is a globally regulated online CFD broker with clients in over 100+ countries. Twice awarded Best Broker for Trade Execution in 2021, the firm prides itself on its execution-only model that grants traders direct ECN access to the deepest liquidity pools in the industry at record-breaking speeds.

Head of Client Success is a unique title, can you tell me a bit more about what the job entails?

Indeed, it is a unique title compared to the standard account management designation at other brokers. That’s because we work tirelessly toward our client’s success. Whether it be through our one-on-one support, our world-class market commentary, analysis and education, or through an honest assessment of what brokerage services a current or prospective client really needs. As an execution-only broker with zero conflict of interest, we are truly in a privileged position to offer that type of support.

For example, only this week we had a client from another broker asking us questions about how overnight swap rates work, and we were happy to help them out regardless of where they actually do their broking. Likewise, we interacted with another client, who hadn’t traded before, was interested in copy trading, and spent hours teaching them the full breadth and depth of features on the cTrader copy trade platform. In short, we are just passionate about trading and just love to help aspiring and seasoned traders become successful.

Has the adoption of cTrader been positive for your business and clients?

If our clients are happy, then we are happy. In that regard, cTrader has dramatically improved our client’s trading experience. cTrader provides an optimal, but easy-to-use, interface for traders to plug themselves directly into our ECN networks for the lowest spreads and the best trading conditions on offer in the market. With cTrader, most of the advanced features that require EAs on MT4 just come standard. Plus, with cTrader’s FIX API, there is no need for a third go between servers. In other words, you just can’t compete with cTrader when it comes down to trade execution.

For algo traders, cTrader offers the ability to programme your algos using C#, a real language, rather than on MT4’s platform-specific MLQ4 or TradingView’s PineScript. Asset managers benefit from becoming a cTrader copy trade strategy provider because it automates investor allocations, fee management, etc., all in real time. All the headaches of MAMM and PAMM are a thing of the past with cTrader copy trade. Lastly, those who copy trade using the cTrader platform benefit from access to 900+ trading strategies available from more than just one broker or platform. Investors deserve more choice, cTrader copy gives them exactly that.

The bottom line is that cTrader is actually easier to use than any other platform out there, including MT4, and is available on desktop, mobile and web.

How do you differentiate yourself from other cTrader brokers?

For all of cTrader’s benefits, it’s just a front-end that links you into a broker. The trading conditions, client success, community, safety and support all come down to a trader’s chosen broker. Being a client of VARIANSE, however, doesn’t just mean you get award-winning trade execution. With VARIANSE, you are dealing with a globally regulated broker, where your funds are secured in segregated accounts at Barclays Bank. Better still, we are an execution-only broker, meaning we just facilitate your trades to the market, we don’t trade against you.

Above all, we pride ourselves on our service. Every client of VARIANSE gets one on one support from a dedicated client success manager. They also get full access to our forex trading education and market analysis materials, as well as one on one access to Carl Paraskevas, our Chief Economist, who has held similar roles at some of the world’s top investment and commercial banks. Whether they are a sole trader, an asset manager, an educator, or a prospective copy trader, we have an end-to-end solution to service their needs.

Does broker selection really matter as much as the platform if you copy trade?

The answer is a resounding yes. When one copy trades, they are copying the trades of another, but still trading on their own account. Therefore, they still want the best trading conditions available to ensure the best returns possible for themselves. Equally, all of the considerations above in terms of security of funds, support, and content are all just as relevant. cTrader copy trade functionality is great, but only for those who chose a broker like VARIANSE.


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