Guide to cTrader Support 

Introduction to Support for cTrader

cTrader is a great trading platform and is growing in popularity by the day. As new traders flock to cTrader, new users mean more questions. Having questions is natural for anyone getting started with a new trading platform. If you ever spot an issue with cTrader, it might not just be your inexperience with the platform. cTrader is a technically sophisticated platform which has hundreds of processes taking place behind the scenes. Naturally, bugs can occur. Let’s explore how you can get technical support for cTrader.   

Contact your Broker for cTrader Support

To get cTrader support and technical assistance, your first port of call should always be your broker. It may seem logical to go directly to the cTrader team to get product support. The best first step should be to contact your broker. The reason is that your broker is the company providing a service to you. For example, if your HP computer breaks down, you would most likely go to the shop where you originally purchased it, not necessarily directly to the manufacturer. The situation with cTrader is similar to this analogy. 

Just like the store where you purchased your HP device, your broker has a closer relationship with you. They can see specific details that can help with troubleshooting making it easier for them to provide solutions. 

There are cases that your broker may not be able to address. In particular, more technical matters, such as those related to cTrader Copy or cTrader Automate. In this case, continue reading the list of options to help you troubleshoot your issues with cTrader and get support for the platform.

cTrader Help Centre

There is an incredibly detailed help centre covering all aspects of cTrader. Everything from automated trading to signing into the platform for the first time. This help centre is a great place to start any troubleshooting quest. 

cTrader Support Forum

There is a dedicated forum for cTrader users. Representatives from Spotware are very active in the forum as well. Before asking your question, you can search for previous posts in case other people have previously encountered the same issue as you. If you can’t find anything related, go ahead and ask your question. Before you post, make sure you are publishing your question in the right section, this will lead to faster answers from other community members. 

Inside of the forum, there us a section called Trading Support with specific sections for each product. If you have an issue with cTrader Mobile, you should post in the cTrader Mobile section. 

cTrader Telegram Group

As an extension of the cTrader Support Forum, there is a Telegram group. This group was launched in November 2019 and is a very active place for discussing cTrader, asking questions and finding out if other people face the same issues as yourself. Typically, if your problem is complicated, you will be asked to publish your question in the forum. The forum makes it easier to address your concern as opposed to a fast-flowing cat.

Contact Spotware

You could try to contact the folks at Spotware directly; however, this is not always the most efficient solution. It would help if you had in mind that there are thousands of traders using cTrader daily, yet the company isn’t structured for providing end-user support like your forex broker is. The bottom line is, your broker is a client of Spotware, not you. As you can see above, Spotware provides many cTrader support channels, and you should try to use those to get the best result in addressing your query. 

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