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Does FxPro Own cTrader?

FxPro cTrader was the first version of the challenger forex trading platform which has been competing against MetaTrader 4 for the better part of a decade. There have been a number of rumours and speculations about the origin of cTrader. One of them is that cTrader belongs to FxPro. Even though this is an absolute myth, but it’s interesting to reflect on how it came to be. 

When cTrader was first launched in April 2011, it was launched with FxPro. Not only this, FxPro had exclusivity rights to the platform until the end of the year. This positioned FxPro as the flagship cTrader broker and therefore created a strong association between the two brands. 

Additionally, one of the founders of cTrader was previously an employee of FxPro. Frankly, the retail FX industry is actually relatively small. A good founder leverages their skills and contacts to drive their business forward. That’s common sense and shouldn’t imply anything different. 

Since 2013 the cTrader platform has been launched with numerous leading forex brokers, such as Pepperstone and IC Markets. Check our complete list of cTrader brokers to find more. FxPro cTrader is just one of many.


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