FAQ: Where to Download cTrader Platform

Download cTrader for Different Brokers

The cTrader platform is available in different formats. It’s not only available on different devices and operating systems. You can access or download cTrader for Windows desktop, run it on a web browser, Android and iOS. You also need to sure that you download cTrader and install the right version, otherwise your credentials might not work. cTrader is a white label trading platform. This means that each cTrader broker has their own version of the platform. This has been known to confuse traders since they assume that there is just one cTrader. This is not the case, there are many instances of cTrader. For example, cTrader has dozens of version of the platform in Google Play. Each one belongs to a specific broker.

Different Versions of cTrader Download

If you download cTrader Public Beta from Spotware’s website, you are downloading the demo version from Spotware. Spotware is not a broker, so they do not offer live accounts. When you create an account from a broker, such as Pepperstone, you will need to download the Pepperstone version of cTrader from their website or client area.

Pepperstone Client Area
Download cTrader from the Pepperstone Client Area

The trading account you create with Pepperstone for example, cannot be accessed from different versions of cTrader. Don’t let cTrader ID confuse you. Even though cTrader lets you create one login to access all brokers, you can only see the accounts that belong to the specific version of cTrader you are using. This rule is the same for all version of the platform, even mobile. There is one exception to this rule, however. If you search “Pepperstone cTrader” in the Google Play store, currently you will see three different versions of cTrader. Now that’s confusing. There is a reason for this. See the diagram and explanation below.

Pepperstone Android
Different versions of Pepperstone cTrader Android
  1. The latest version of cTrader for clients of Pepperstone Australia.
  2. The latest of cTrader for clients of Pepperstone UK.
  3. The old (Legacy) version of cTrader for clients of Pepperstone Australia.

Where to Get cTrader

The best way to get cTrader is from a broker offering the platform. For example, if you want to download FxPro cTrader, go to the FxPro website. You can find a list of cTrader brokers here. This way you get cTrader with either a live or a demo account once you register with the broker. However, you can easily download the app from the Google Play or App Store by searching for cTrader. You can easily launch the web version of cTrader by adding ct. in front of your broker’s website.

cTrader Brokers
cTrader Brokers

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