FAQ: What is cTrader Server (cServer)?

Introduction to cTrader Server

cTrader is a trading platform primarily for trading currencies and other CFD instruments. The platform was developed by a company called Spotware Systems. cTrader is an enterprise cloud solution. Not only do applications run on your computer, laptop or mobile, but they need to maintain a constant connection to a server. Any order you place on your cTrader application is submitted to the trading server for further processing by your broker. This server is called cServer, i.e. cTrader Server. 

What is cTrader Server For? 

The cTrader Server aka cServer is the primary support of the cTrader solution. It is responsible for keeping the trading platform online and running smoothly at all times. It is in charge of ensuring you can sign in, receive price updates by guaranteeing uninterrupted liquidity and market data connections, processing your orders and calculating margin requirements.

Besides all of those incredibly important functions, the cTrader Server also handles hundreds of other processes. It calculates commissions, swaps, dividends, rebates, login times, log out times and much more.

Is cTrader Server Secure? 

Naturally, all financial services products need to implement vigorous security protocols to protect users. Unlike the MetaTrader platforms, the broker doesn’t host cTrader themselves. Spotware hosts all brokers cTrader servers. This means that Spotware is responsible for developing the software and the hardware to ensure standards always match and all traders have the same flawless experience. 

Spotware has implemented exhaustive security mechanisms. cTrader is hosted on the companies own machines, not rented ones. The servers are located in the world-class Equinix data center in London LD5. This means there are no physical threats to the servers. To protect the infrastructure from online threats, Spotware has shielded the cTrader Server with a cloud of proxies. This means that there are no direct connections to the trading server. All traffic passes through proxies. 

Is cTrader Server Reliable

According to Spotware, cServer has an uptime record of 100%. Moreover, the solution is able to process over a million price updates per second, support over 150 thousand users simultaneously and process over 14,000 transactions per second. Because Spotware isn’t taking care of a single broker, but rather dozens of them, the company has been able to invest significantly more into infrastructure. The network interfaces are connected to a 10GE network structure which guarantees high throughput, ultra-low latency and premium performance. cTrader Server is highly available and has very solid underlying technologies, so there is nothing to fear when trading with cTrader.

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