FAQ: How to use cAlgo and cMirror?

Overview of cAlgo and cMirror

Recently, the suite of cTrader products has undergone a major transition. cAlgo, the former algorithmic trading platform and cMirror the mirror trading platform have evolved and found new homes inside cTrader. cAlgo was merged into cTrader and is now known as cTrader Automate. cMirror, on the other hand, is still available but no longer promoted as all efforts seem to focus on the recently launched cTrader Copy. While you may be having complications finding “cAlgo” and “cMirror”, rest assured, the features of these platforms are still alive and well. There has just been a minor shuffle up in where to find them.

How to Find and Use cAlgo?

cAlgo was Spotware’s algorithmic trading platform which complimented cTrader. cAlgo was once a stand-alone application. If you are new to cTrader you may have seen the cAlgo platform mentioned in some forums and on other websites. The features of the platform were recently merged with cTrader and cAlgo became part of cTrader. If you are wondering why you can’t find any installation links for cAlgo on your broker’s website or any mention of the platform on Spotware’s website, that’s the reason. To use cAlgo features which once were found in the dedicated cAlgo platform you need to install cTrader for your desktop PC. Once you have installed the windows version, look towards the main menu on the right. There is a button called “Automate” with a small icon of a robot. By selecting this icon, you will enter a new section of the platform which has been dedicated to algorithmic trading.

How to Find and Use cMirror?

Currently, you can still use cMirror. However, but we do not expect it to remain available forever. This is due to the fact that cTrader Copy has been released a while ago. Unlike cAlgo, cMirror is currently still accessible as a stand-alone platform. Spotware no longer promotes cMirror on its website. The new cTrader Copy feature which like cTrader Automate, is a dedicated section inside the regular cTrader platform. The new Copy section can be found in the main menu, with the name “Copy” and the icon which is commonly used for showing copying. We believe that both platforms remain available to allow active strategies and copy traders to migrate to the new cTrader Copy ecosystem. We also believe that once the migration phase has been completed, we could probably expect the same process to take place as did for cAlgo. This would mean making the old cMirror platform completely unavailable.

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