FAQ: How to Buy cTrader

What is cTrader?

cTrader is a forex trading platform that is used for the execution of orders with a broker and charting. The reason why this platform became popular in the forex trading community is that it has been designed from the ground up for use with ECN brokers. Its design is neat, attractive and pleasing to the eye, which makes it easier to use, compared to MetaTrader.

How to buy cTrader?

It is important to understand that the ctrader platform is not something that you as a trader can buy the trading platform. cTrader is an enterprise solution for businesses and therefore can only be bought by brokers. Brokers use the platform to offer online trading services. Your cTrader account is used for trading with the specific broker which gave you access to the platform. As an individual trader, you cannot actually buy cTrader. But that doesn’t mean that you can´t make use of it.

How to Get a cTrader Account?

Even though you can’t buy cTrader, you can still use it via one of the brokers which offers it for trading with them. If you were looking to buy cTrader, it probably means that you are interested in trading with this platform. To use cTrader you’ll just have to search for a broker that offers you this option. 

The easiest and most used way to obtain a cTrader demo account is to download the Beta version found on the official cTrader site. There are many good brokers where you can get a cTrader account which will offer you many benefits, but the best ones are:

Alternatively, you can check our complete list of cTrader brokers here. When you are going to open a trading account to use ctrader you will have to make a minimum deposit, normally, the amount of capital you must use to open a live cTrader account will vary depending on the broker. The range is anywhere from $10 to $200. For this type of information, you can check our reviews.


As it was previously explained, there is no way to actually buy ctrader but you can always use it from your favourite broker. Remember to always check before you open an account in a broker if it offers the cTrader platform. If your broker doesn’t already offer cTrader, why not suggest it to them. You can always check our complete list of cTrader brokers

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