FAQ: Can I Trade Binary Options on cTrader

What is Binary Options Trading

Binary Options have been a hot topic over the past few years. Binary Options are a very simplified format of speculating on the financial markets. All you actually had to do was guess if the price was going to rise or fall over a specified time limit. In some cases as short as 60 seconds. The simplicity and fast pace of this type of trading are what made them so attractive to newbies. Unfortunately, those newbies were easy victims for fraudulent binary options brokers. 

Many Binary Options brokers have come and thankfully gone over the years. Regulators around the world have since completely banned this product or are in the process of doing so. The main reason is the insane lack of transparency and how easy it is to manipulate. There is pretty much no customer profile where Binary Options can be considered appropriate. Essentially what has been done is turn forex trading was made into a high or low game. This is miles away from investing and was perfect for targeting people who know nothing about investing. And they are exactly the type of people who should not be investing. 

Trading Binary Options on cTrader

cTrader does not support Binary Options trading on the platform, and it probably never will. While we don’t know this for sure, it’s easy to presume why they didn’t want to add this. As you can see above, this type of trading is far from transparent. That’s what attracted so many dishonest brokers to the scene and eventually made it a global issue. After all, cTrader’s motto is Trader’s First and Binary Options trading and the companies that provide them couldn’t be further from that ethos. 

For anyone who came to this article looking for a place to trade Binary Options, a word of caution, they are very risky and they are very easy to manipulate. This means the company providing them can control when you win and when you lose. We suggest taking the time to learn more about the financial markets. There are other opportunities besides what appears to be easy. Forex trading or stock trading may seem to be complicated and time-consuming. In fact, if you are doing them right, then they should be time-consuming. It’s strongly recommended to do research before investing. Check out our reviews of some decent and trusted cTrader brokers

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