FAQ: Can I have a cTrader Investor Password

cTrader Investor Password

A popular feature of the MetaTrader4 platform is the Investor Password. We’ve seen traders ask this question in forums countless times, so we thought to address it. Unfortunately, there is no option to have a cTrader investor password. However, in a lot of cases, it could be argued that it’s not always needed. This is because cTrader has an Open API. If you want to show someone your verified trading performance, you can do it on the Myfxbook service. The cTrader Open API is what’s used by Myfxbook to access your trading account history.

What is an Investor Password

The Investor Password is a password that lets you log into an MT4 trading account in read-only mode. You could give this access to another person. With an investor password, it means they can see the information inside the platform, such as open positions, pending orders, trading history and more. Except, they can’t alter anything. Hense read-only. For MetaTrader4, this password is commonly used for accessing third-party services such as Myfxbook. As mentioned earlier, on cTrader, the function of sharing data from your trading account is taken care of through the Open API.

Investor Password
MetaTrader4 Investor Password

The only useful reason for there to be a cTrader investor password is if you wanted two people to be able to access the same trading account with different roles. For example, a money manager who is trading someone else’s account will not want to have their clients messing around with their trading strategy. They want to be in control of the account. However, the client who has invested their money will want to at least view how it’s being managed.

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