Expert View: Michael Turck from Tradeview Markets

Introducing Michael Turck

Michael Turck is the Global Head of Liquidity and Sales for leading broker Tradeview Markets. Tradeview offers an assortment of investment products. As well as Forex and Contracts for Difference trading they also offer Futures, Stocks and Options trading too. Michael specializes in the Forex and CFD side of the business. Michael’s key responsibilities are to manage the liquidity coming into their four different trading platforms for their retail clients and also their institutional clients under Tradeview Prime. Based out of New York and regulated in the Cayman Islands Tradeview offer their online trading services to clients across the world, excluding the United States. Tradeview has recently launched a number of exciting projects and we are keen to learn more about them.

Our Questions for Michael

We have prepared a series of interview questions for Michael. We have designed these questions so that we may get to know more about Michael, his role at Tradeview Markets and what differentiates Tradeview from their competitors.

Introduce Yourself

Michael, thanks for joining us. Before we kick things off can you give us some insight into what you do and who Tradeview Markets are?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Tradeview Markets is the company that you would love to do business with. We take our client’s trading very seriously and we reflect on how we can add more value to our clients on a daily basis. This is one of the main reasons why we started offering cTrader; the customer demand was very high and we felt the need to provide our clients with the trading platform that makes them most comfortable while trading.

My role here as Head of Liquidity and Sales is to ensure that our clients are constantly receiving the highest level of service from our liquidity partners. I ensure they get tightest spreads possible while maintaining a high level of execution and a deep book of liquidity. It is not easy and there are many conversations that take place behind the scenes in order to ensure a superior product which we are able to provide to our clients. However, it is all worth it when they stay trading with us for a longer time than they would with most other brokers. We take pride in that and our main goal is to have a long-term relationship with our clients.

Tradeview Markets Platforms

We understand that you are responsible for managing Tradeview’s four trading platforms, cTrader, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and Currenex. cTrader was the most recent platform you added (in 2016). Why did you decide to add cTrader?

As I’ve said in my previous answer, we constantly ask our clients questions and require feedback from them. We do this to ensure we are providing them with the top level of service that they deserve. Obviously, our clients are the reason why we have jobs. The fact that Tradeview is ranked as one of the top brokers in the world shows our strong desire to ensuring they receive the high level of service that they deserve. There was a high level of demand for cTrader and after many internal discussions and conversations with Spotware, we made the commitment to go ahead and add yet another trading platform to our growing list of products and services that we provide to our client base. I believe we are the ONLY broker to offer MT4 and MT5, cTrader and Currenex. This proves Tradeview’s commitment to providing our clients with products that they want. We are not just adding these platforms for the fun of it. It takes time and many employees and hard work to ensure that these platforms are running smoothly 24 hours per day!

Innovative Liquidity Connector

One of the products you mention a lot on your website is the “Innovative Liquidity Connector”. What exactly is this and what makes it relevant to traders?

The Innovative Liquidity Connector (ILC) is a proprietary piece of aggregation technology that allows Tradeview to aggregate the price feed from numerous banks, hedge funds and exchanges (all done on the backend) in order to show our clients the top of book pricing. Clients see big volumes on the top of book Bid and Offer quotes. Through our ILC technology, it is all made possible. Through our Prime Services, if a client is looking for liquidity, they will receive the ILC along with our liquidity at no extra charge. The reason why it is relevant to clients is that it allows us to show the tightest possible spreads by aggregating the feed using our ILC and showing the client the best top of book pricing possible!

Stock Trading with Tradeview Markets

Many of your competitors pretty much offer just Forex and a few CFDs. We learnt that Tradeview just launched real on-exchange stock trading (not CFDs) on MetaTrader 5. Can you tell us more about this?

Yes! What sets Tradeview Markets apart from our competition is our ability to diversify our products and services. We are able to do things a bit differently to every other broker out there. We already offer DMA (Direct Market Access) Equity trading through our two platforms: Sterling Trader and Rhino Trader. Through these two platforms, traders are able to trade global equities that are true on-exchange traded equities, and not CFD’s, as most brokers offer. So, for example, when you buy a share of Facebook with Tradeview, you will actually own that share and a piece of Facebook. Other brokers who offer CFD’s will either B Book that position or hedge it with another CFD from another broker, therefore the trade will never make it to the exchange at all. We recently purchased a license for MT5 and built our own technology to allow for DMA or on-exchange equity trading on the MT5 software. So, through one piece of software, clients have the ability to trade on-exchange equities and spot FX, making it much easier for clients and providing them with an opportunity to diversify their portfolio all on one easy to use application! We hope to have the opportunity to offer the same on cTrader in the future!


Yet another interesting service offered in conjunction with Tradeview is a service called TradeGateHub. From what we can see it’s live trading rooms for traders to join. Tell us more.

We recently launched TradeGateHub, which is a global active trading environment. It is free for all clients to sign up. We have some of the world’s greatest traders (for both FX and Equities) on TradeGateHub. They provide insight and analysis into the world of FX or Equities on a daily basis. These services can be worth thousands and thousands of dollars, but through Tradeview it is FREE. This is our very own way of ‘giving back’ to our clients and providing them with access and education for free. Not only will you have the ability to see real-time positions and P&L, but you can also gain insight into the minds of some of the best traders by talking to them directly through our unique language enhanced chat box! Also, Introducing Brokers and Money Managers have the opportunity to start their own trading room on TGH and through this trading, the room has the opportunity to attract thousands of clients who are actively interested in having their funds traded or learning the market.

Final Remarks

Michael has said that any traders interested in Tradeview Markets are welcome to contact him at [email protected] to learn more. For additional information, you may also read our detailed review of Tradeview Markets, a very popular forex and CFD trading broker.

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