Expert View – Match-Trade Head of Operations Michael Karczewski

Introduction to Match-Trade Technologies

Match-Trade Technologies is a solution provider to forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges and other similar businesses which overlap. At the start of 2019, Match-Trade announced a unique partnership with Spotware. Match-Trade now offers cTrader white labels as part of their product offering which also includes MetaTrader 4 white labels, liquidity aggregation, forex CRM and payment solutions. To find out more about the rationale behind this strategic move, we seek insight from Michal Karczewski, the company’s head of business operations.

Match-Trade Interview

Michael, in a nutshell, please explain what Match-Trade does?

Well, to put in is simple words, in Match-Trade, we create technologies that facilitate running a business for forex brokers and clients who want to run cryptocurrency exchanges. But what distinguishes us from other financial technology providers is the fact that we have combined work experience with the largest brokers in Europe with a team of highly specialized IT experts and blockchain developers. We understand financial markets and we know what is most important for traders. We have developed our own ultra-fast matching engine, thanks to which we can offer very reliable in house solutions and services and systematically expand our offer.

However, we know that even the best tools will not be successful unless they add value to the broker’s business. Here, at Match-Trade we understand the principles of sustainable business that’s why we offer comprehensive solutions to start your own brokerage at a very reasonable price. We also have a special offer for existing brokers, we guarantee to decrease their operational and ongoing costs if they transfer their White label platform to Match-Trade.

Why would a broker get a white label from Match-Trade instead of going to Spotware directly? What advantages do you offer?

First of all, our cooperation with Spotware was designed to bring a new quality of turnkey White Label solutions. What distinguishes our solution on the market is that it offers the highest quality service and a relatively low entry threshold making it easy to implement and affordable even for start-up brokers. cTrader platform is already well known for its stability and performance. We offer a wide range of high-tech complementary services for brokers along with technological support including implementation and configuration. Offered cTrader White Labels can be completed with tools like integrated Client Office (expanded with CRM feature), crypto payment gateway or ultra-fast data feeds. We also guarantee seamless integration with any Liquidity Provider and when choosing our partner LP FX-Edge we ensure our clients get access to the deep liquidity while maintaining small spreads. I believe that by adding our high-quality complementary services we can further enrich Spotware’s core platform.

Why did you decide to introduce cTrader to your clients?

In Match-Trade, we pay a lot of attention to the needs of our clients, we want them to be able to choose from the best solutions available on the market. Spotware is one of the leading companies developing trading platforms for brokers and cTrader has already gained the trust of millions of traders worldwide. The power of cTrader is based on its simplified interface and advanced features such as market depth, many indicators and different time frames. The platform is very intuitive and in my opinion much easier to use than MetaTrader. So it’s a good choice especially if the broker wants to address beginner traders’ needs.

Personally, what is your favourite thing about cTrader?

What I value the most is that cTrader is much more advanced in terms of market depth preview and it offers the possibility to analyze the full range of performance prices. cTrader provides the opportunity to accurately assess the depth of the market in 3 different variants: Standard, Price and VWAP. Thanks to this, the investor can very accurately track the liquidity of the market and place pending orders at precisely planned prices.

Congratulations on the new website. What do you see in store for the future?

Thank you. We didn’t only build a new website, we’ve decided we needed to refresh our whole online image to meet the dynamically developing financial market. We have extended our offerings with solutions for existing Forex brokers that will allow them to develop and optimize their business.

We’ve also added a special offer for clients who want to start their own brokerage business. As to our future plans, recently we’ve welcomed a new member to our team. I can only say he will be responsible for setting product development directions and launching a completely new solution that we want to offer later this year. Apart from that, we are further developing a network of local representatives to provide the best support for our clients in different regions of the world. Right now we are establishing a local representation for the MENA zone countries. We have set ourselves many challenges but I believe that soon we will start to see the effects.

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