Expert View: James Glyde, CCO at Spotware

Introduction to James Glyde

James Glyde is the youngest member of the management team at Spotware. He joined the company in December 2014 as a Business Development Manager. Over the past four years, he has climbed the ranks to become the company’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). He plays an important role in both the company’s growth and the day-to-day operations. We are excited to talk to James and find out the company’s plans for both growth and sustainability in the increasingly restrictive regulatory landscape.

Our Questions for James

We have prepared a series of questions for James and they have been designed so we can get some interesting insights for our readers. All questions are based on our own research and knowledge of Spotware and cTrader.

Overview at Spotware

You’ve been at Spotware a while, what has been the most interesting project that you worked on at Spotware?

Over the past four years, I have worked on a number of interesting projects. Some of them are flourishing today, others never went further than the research and planning stage. At Spotware we are actively engaged in research all the time. Before we do anything, we need to evaluate the feasibility, opportunity and finally consult with brokers and/or traders before we push it into development. We look for new ways to improve our products and services, as well as create new products, for example, our cryptocurrency exchange platform called cXchange which we recently launched. That was a huge project which we started almost 12 months ago. For everyone involved it was a great experience to be able to take on something completely new to us. Other than that, I have enjoyed working on other successful projects, such as cTrader Copy, Spotware’s unique answer to Copy Trading and PAMM and the cTrader Partner Program.

The Crypto Exchange

Before you built cXchange, was there a lot of demand for a crypto exchange product?

Yes, as you may have expected, the demand was huge. While we had been toying with the idea for some time, we began development in Q4 2017 after completing our in-depth competitive research. We saw that we could do much better than what was already on the market, this inspired us a lot. The bull market of 2017 really fueled the demand for crypto exchange solutions. After the announcement of us launching the solution we were flooded with hundreds of leads. After the product was launched we welcomed our new colleague Alex Geralis.

ESMA and Aftermath

After ESMA’s bold move to cut leverage and ban incentives, did this have a significant impact on the company?

Like everyone, we had some concerns about this. However, cTrader is a very well established trading platform and brand in the Forex and CFD trading space. The platform attracts more educated traders who understand and appreciate the benefits the trading platform has to offer them. Because of this, cTrader attracts traders with larger account sizes, more frequent deposits and trading. I.e. cTrader users are actual traders and investors, not punters. Moreover, we work with some very well established and reputable brokers with a huge footprint in the global online trading market. Such clients are Pepperstone, IC Markets and FxPro who have been offering cTrader for many years. Also, the cTrader user base continues to grow, meaning our growth trajectory camouflaged any impact the ESMA’s rulings could have had.

A Recent Award

You recently received an award for Best FX Trading Platform at the Finance Magnates London Summit. What message do you think this sends to the industry?

This award is a big, big win for us. Mainly because votes came from the very same online trading industry professionals who mostly offer the MetaTrader 4 platform to their clients. Irony aside, this proves that we are doing things right and people are noticing it. Besides those who already know us and what we do, this award makes a bold statement. Now people who either don’t already know us or are so naive as to think the only thing that matters in FX is MT4, can start to question things. I’m certain this award has ruffled a few feathers!

The Launch of cTrader Copy

cTrader Copy was recently released, how has the response been?

The response has been exceptional. It was a long-awaited feature for the existing cTrader community, traders and brokers alike. Not having a strong solution for Money Managers has always caused friction when trying to sign up new partner-focused brokers. Now we have cTrader Copy to offer, this has addressed a major gap in our product suite. We already saw many cMirror users flood to cTrader Copy since it was launched. While cTrader Copy is not exactly a MAM or PAMM platform, it’s not exactly a Copy Trading platform either. What we have done is bring the best of both worlds and uniting them into one awesome investment platform that is natively integrated with cTrader. Unlike the PAMM model, cTrader Copy has inherited the same Traders FirstTM mentality as cTrader. Anyone interested in copying successful strategies should definitely check out cTrader Copy with a supporting broker.

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