Expert View: Panagiotis, cTrader Community Manager

Expert View: Panagiotis, cTrader Community Manager

Panagiotis Charalampous is the head of cTrader community management for Spotware. He is on the front lines, personally managing the community. Day in day out he manages everything from the mundane to the most challenging questions and requests from traders. With his expertise, he helps traders with developing their trading robots and custom indicators using cTrader Automate, building applications using the cTrader Open API and connecting to cTrader using FIX API. All of which are technically demanding, so we are excited to learn more about Panagiotis.

Introduce yourself, what’s your background and what makes you the right guy for being the cTrader community manager?

Hi! I am a software engineer by profession with more than a decade of experience in developing all sort of applications. Having led several teams in successfully delivered software products and the fact that I was the face of these products to the public, allowed me to develop the necessary skills to become the interface between the users of cTrader platform and our product teams.

All this activity ensures that our product uniqueness is properly communicated to users, as well as that the development stays trader-oriented as our Traders FirstTM vision demands.

Tell us, what are your main responsibilities at Spotware?

My main responsibility is to nurture and grow the user base of cTrader. This is achieved by managing all inbound communication between us and our users, by facilitating the growth of our partners’ network and by coordinating with product managers regarding the roadmap and the future development of our products. All this activity ensures that our product uniqueness is properly communicated to users, as well as that the development stays trader-oriented as our Traders FirstTM vision demands.

Recently there have been a lot of big changes in cTrader across the ecosystem, how has this been received by the community?

The reaction has been very positive by the vast majority of traders and brokers. Our last major updates across all applications have delivered features that have been specifically requested by our community. cTrader desktop application received new chart types and linked charts and cTrader Automate was enhanced with visual backtesting. cTrader Web was revamped with the improved navigation and active symbol panel, and our mobile applications became native apps of both Android and iOS enabling unlimited potential. Also, cTrader Copy has brought mirroring to a completely new level with a new copying model and fees structure that allow the service to function as a flexible investment platform suitable for any kind of Investor or Investment Manager.

What is the feature you personally want to see the most in cTrader?

The number of requested features we have in our backlog is endless and will ensure the development work for the next several years. Hence, it is not easy to choose just one of them. However, my personal anticipation is the upcoming release of cTrader Open API 2.0. This will be a much-improved version of our Spotware Connect API 1.0 and will enable the development of almost any type of application on top of cTrader infrastructure. It will give unlimited possibilities for the expansion of the platform.

What are the most exciting things traders can expect to see in cTrader in 2019?

During 2019, we plan to increase the release frequency of all of our applications, thus delivering more features in a shorter period of time. So traders can expect many features to be released in 2019, among which we plan to add more charting options with new tools and chart types, many enhancements in cTrader Automate, like multi-symbol backtesting, several usability additions and improvements in cTrader Copy and its release in a mobile version of cTrader.

For anyone who isn’t already using cTrader, what do you think is the most important thing they need to know about?

The most important thing they need to know is that cTrader is a trader-centric platform. We are committed to placing Traders First™ by allowing their interests to govern our thinking, strategies and everyday operations. As a result, cTrader’s development is feedback driven and it is aligned with the current traders’ needs. By switching to cTrader, they should rest assured that they use a fair-trading platform.

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