Expert View: Brad Alexander, Founder of FX Large

Introduction to FX Large

FX Large is a premium content creator for forex and CFD brokers to provide to their clients. They specialize in platform tutorials, trading education, market commentary and more. Brad Alexander is the company’s founder and CEO. He has a wealth of experience in the online trading world. Brad has been actively trading various markets himself for over 15 years. Moreover, he has consulted on several implementation projects for brokers. Such projects include integrating back-office software, trading platforms, liquidity management and marketing tools. The main value proposition FX Large offers to brokers’ clients are being able to increase their confidence and compel them to trade through content and education. We want to know more!

The Interview

Hey Brad! Tell us more about your history with the financial markets. Where did it all start and where has it taken you?

Thanks.  I got hooked on the currency markets as a kid when I heard a news story about the Italian Lira falling due to a government scandal.  I figured it would go back up when the news died down and didn’t realise at the time that that was called “fundamental analysis”.

Over the years I did some trading in stocks and currency and actually did well with the Peseta years ago. I got involved in online trading and became a FinTech junkie and began offering consulting and marketing services to companies wanting to get involved.

Where did the idea of FX Large come from? How do you add value to brokers and their clients?

I’ve worked with different companies over the years, including brokers and fintech, and almost always made my own videos to help with their marketing efforts.  I found this medium to be so effective and, fortunately, I really enjoy it, so I decided to do it full time and offer the service to brokers and fintech companies including Spotware.

Basically, my value-added proposition to my clients is that I am a one-stop-shop for video content.  I understand the business, I am a trader and educator, I write my own copy and we do the voiceovers and editing in-house.

We understand that you have recently created some videos for cTrader. What is your expert opinion on the platform?

It’s a great platform and I especially like the risk management features, and the flexibility and ease in setting up market orders and pending orders. It’s great to see my videos embedded into the platform along with others to help traders get started. While cTrader is one of the top platforms on the market in terms of order management I feel the charting is missing a few tools that will really give the platform a boost. However, all the key tools are there, and they are incredibly easy to use.

Considering that you have made videos for MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader, what would you say is the most photogenic and easy to work with?

cTrader is a clear winner amongst these with many more features that are easy to access.  Many features, that are add-ins for others, (like Copy trading) are standard with cTrader. cTrader is obviously more visually appealing too, it makes it a bit more interesting to make videos with and they look nicer on websites. The other options are bit duller in terms of the colour palette and features don’t pop out as much as they do on cTrader.

Finally, could you provide us with an example of your market commentary?

Absolutely. As soon as I am next in the recording studio filming my market commentary, I will share I will gladly share it with you.

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