Customizable Fibonacci Levels on cTrader Mobile

What’s New in cTrader Mobile 3.10

cTrader Mobile gets its first update for 2020. Like the last update for cTrader mobile, we see another set of features to support on-the-move technical analysis efforts while trading on a small-scale mobile device. This update introduces a few more trader-requested features. 

Customizable Fibonacci Levels

New controls have been added which allow you to change Fibonacci levels from the indicator settings. Previously you could only enable or disable pre-existing levels. This functionality is one of the highlights of this new release. 

Modify Fibonacci Levels on cTrader Mobile. Old (left) vs New (right)

New Technical Analysis Indicators 

Eight indicators have been introduced to the mobile app; this is the first in a long time that we have seen new indicators introduced with a cTrader update. The indicators added are; Alligator, Average Directional Movement Index Rating, Center Of Gravity, Cyber Cycle, Fractals, Hull Moving Average, Polynomial Regression Channels and Supertrend.

Customisable Colours of Drawings & Indicators

Custom colours can be applied to Drawings & Indicators by using a new colour pallet in the indicator settings. Previously you could only choose from preset colours from the pallet. 

cTrader Mobile Colour Picker. Old (left) vs. New (right).

New Order Screen Button

A new button has been added to the order screen. This button is anchored to the bottom of the screen; this means you no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the screen to place orders.

Previously, all sixty or so indicators on the mobile app were listed in alphabetical order which made it tricky and time-consuming to find indicators. A search bar has been introduced with an improved search algorithm; this makes it easier to find indicators by nicknames. A “Recently Used” list of indicators has been added to make it easier to find your favourite indicators. 

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