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Introduction to Forex Broker cTrader White Labels

While this is not a typical topic that comes up for traders, it’s an important topic in the context of cTrader. This is why we will be discussing what a cTrader White Label is on ctraderbrokers.com. Any traders reading this may still be interested. This subject is likely to shed light on the forex trading industry. This article is however mainly focused on the interest of brokers or those interested in starting their own forex broker. Spotware recently spoke out about the benefits cTrader can offer to startup brokers. Therefore we want to take a closer look at this.

What Does White Label Mean?

The term white label isn’t only used in the context of cTrader white labels for forex brokers. The term white label simply means a blank label which you can put your packaging on. Consider a supermarket that sells tinned beans with their logo and labelling on the can. It’s unlikely that they operate a food processing factory that prepares and packages every branded item in the supermarket. What is more likely is that the products sold under the supermarkets brand are white labelled. They make a deal with the manufacturer to put their branding on the product. Forex brokers can do the same if they don’t have the same resources as a larger broker.

Benefits of a Forex White Label

The benefits of a forex white label are the fact that you can launch your own forex brokerage brand easier, faster and cheaper than if you tried to build a brokerage business yourself from the ground up. Getting a decent trading platform like cTrader is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many requirements to become a forex broker these days. A broker must have things like regulatory licenses, payment gateways, bank accounts, compliance procedures, back-office personnel, technology, software and platforms, an IT department, liquidity provider and the margin they require, risk management and much, much more. All of these come at a great cost and a huge amount of responsibility. This is why a lot of younger and smaller brokers go for the option of becoming a white label of an established broker who already has all of these complicated components in place. Because of the huge amount of complexity involved, getting a white label is almost the only option for new entrants these days. That’s why some brokers specifically target the white label forex broker market. A good example of this would be Match-Trade Technologies who recently launched a cTrader White Label service.

Where to Get a cTrader White Label

The forex and online trading industry are heavily reliant on partnership models. The makes white labels are incredibly important. All trading platforms and brokers are incredibly accommodating. Technically, any broker who has cTrader can set up a cTrader white label. Unless they already a white label of another broker, then they cannot. Whether the broker want’s to offer you this service is a different story. For example, a retail-focused brand like Pepperstone might not offer white labels, whereas a partnership focused broker such as Tradeview Markets would. The situation is the same if you also take a MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5 white label too.

How do Forex White Labels Work

If you are a broker with a cTrader white label or any other platform, you will have a distinct lack of power and control over the trading platform. This is because you have to operate under the conditions of the broker who gave you the cTrader white label. If they are a regulated company, there is even less you can say about the conditions they impose. You are using their cTrader platform, you just have your logo on it. This means the operations are taken care of by the white label provider, that’s why the relationship you have with them is critical. They are responsible for spreads, swaps, commissions and for splitting the revenue with you.

Get Started with a Forex White Label

If you want to get started with your own forex white label brand, contact us. We are able to consult you on which brokers to work with. Our advice will be based on our findings once we assess your needs. We are able to help you get up and running with a MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 and cTrader white label. Once you launch, advertise with ctraderbrokers.com and kick start your marketing campaign.

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