cTrader Web 3.2 Update and New Features

Favourite Timeframes Introduced in cTrader Web 3.2

cTrader updates have been coming thick and fast these days. Recently Spotware has announced a new version of cTrader Web. This version has so far only been released to their Spotware cTrader Public Beta. This new update introduces a new Favourite Timeframes section inside of charts. While this is the primary feature to come from this update, there are a few others included and mentioned below. In this version, there are also new features added to cTrader Copy.

New Favorite Timeframes

The default Favourite Timeframes are consolidated on the left side of the charts with other chart option such as zoom levels and indicators. You can select your favourite periods individually for all tick- and time-based chart types. Just tap the chart timeframe drop-down menu and select the tick to add to your favourites for quick access. For example, you can add a 15-minute chart, a 10-tick Tick chart, a 30-pip Renko chart and a 200-pip Range chart. What’s more, new hotkeys have been added so you can switch between your pre-selected using the Up and Down keyboard arrows.

DoM Section in ASP Order Tab
Depth of Market Panel

DoM Section in ASP Order Tab

To provide you with a full market picture, the Standard DoM has been now added to the Active Symbol Panel’s Order tab. You can also check it from the DoM tab of the ASP panel as before together with other types of DoM.

cTrader Web New Symbol Finder
Symbol Finder

New Symbol Finder

The symbol Finder has moved to a new tab next to Watchlists allowing you to quickly switch between the two sections in the side menu.

Flexible Side Menu
Adjustable Side Menu

Flexible Side Menu

The side menu is now even more convenient to use. It can be collapsed vertically hiding less frequently used menu sections in the below submenu. It can also be resized to show in full longer symbols in your Watchlists or Finder. And, as previously introduced, you can collapse it entirely by clicking the menu button.

New Features in cTrader Copy 3.2

The updated version of cTrader Web 3.2 also contains several updates in cTrader Copy which has recently become a native feature of the web platform. The key features introduced allow Strategy Providers to decide who sees their positions, and more information was added to the Equity Chart.

cTrader Copy Equity Chart
Details Shown on the Equity Chart in Copy

More Informative Equity Chart

The Equity Chart in the strategy profile is now more comprehensive providing traders with information about deposit and withdrawal transactions.

cTrader Copy Positions Visibility
New Position Visibility Options

Positions Visibility

With the new option “Show Positions To”, Strategy Providers can choose who can see their open positions, either everyone or just their copiers.

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