cTrader Programing – What Language does cTrader Use?

Introduction to cTrader Programing Language

Any good trading platform will offer the ability to extend the native functionality with custom-developed tools. The best-known trading platforms provide automated trading functionality and the ability to build custom tools, such as indicators inside of the application or extract data to make external tools such as dashboards. cTrader isn’t any different. With cTrader Automate, developers and traders can build a range of tools to assist or fully automate their trading strategies. To build customized tools, you will need to know the cTrader Programming Language. 

What is the cTrader Programing Language?

The programing language used for developing custom indicators and trading bots in cTrader is C# (pronounced C Sharp). C# is a programing language created by Microsoft in the year 2000. This language has many everyday uses across many industries. C# is known for building web applications, mobile applications, web services, websites and much more. cTrader has it’s own API called Automate.API. Using the C# language, you can use this API for accessing a wide range of functionality. The scope is growing with every update. 

Software for cTrader Coding 

cTrader has a built-in code editor for developing in C# and accessing all of the features of the cTrader Automate API. The built-in code editor has the cTrader API references pre-installed, and they always up to date with the latest release. Once you have finished building your cTrader script, you can backtest inside of the same application or go right ahead and run it on a demo account. 

Besides using the cTrader application to develop scripts, developers can use Microsoft Visual Studio for using professional development features or use a development environment which is more familiar to them. 

Advantages of cTrader Programing Language

Unlike other trading platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 or NinjaTrader, cTrader doesn’t have a native programming language. There are millions of developers around the world using C# for all types of software, not just forex trading. Finding freelancers to help with your project is much easier. You do not necessarily require a forex trading specialist as you would with other trading platforms. 

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