cTrader Mobile Trading Gets Better

What’s new in cTrader Mobile 3.8

The cTrader mobile trading app from Spotware Systems has been getting a lot of attention from the developers over the past year or so. We’ve seen more updates for the mobile version than all desktop and web combined. Mobile trading seems to be a major focus for the company, which is hardly surprising as the mobile trend continues to grow. 

New Features

This version of the app sees the introduction of a number of features designed to improve mobile trading and charting. Most of these features have been in the desktop and web versions of cTrader for some time now. Trading Central Targets have been added, a filter to close multiple positions based on criteria, an option to shift indicators and a more detailed Crosshair tool. 


Targets are now available in collaboration with Trading Central, which is a popular trading analysis and content provider. Trading signals can be accessed straight from the chart of a symbol where signals are currently available. Users can read the strategy behind the signal, select their desired Quantity, choose if they want to set up the recommended Take Profit and Stop Loss levels and open their position according to the signal.

Close Positions filter

All positions that match certain criteria which are set by you, can now be closed with a single tap. Just like the well-known feature in cTrader Web. For example: 

  • Close all EUR/USD and GBP/USD positions
  • Close all Long positions
  • Close all Losing positions
  • Close all Long, Losing, EUR/USD positions

Shift Parameters for Indicators

Indicators can now be shifted left or right for more flexible technical analysis. Shifting works by allowing you to shift where data points are plotted on the chart. If you set a positive shift of 20, the indicator will be shifted by 20 periods into the future, i.e. towards the right. 

cTrader Indicator Shift. The left chart has no shift applied. The chart right has 20 applied.

View Values in Crosshair Mode

cTrader mobile now offers an enhanced Crosshair tool to inspect Trend Bar values, such as Open, High, Low and Close, volume and values from indicators applied to the active chart. Just like the desktop and web version of the cTrader platform. 

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