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Introduction to Online Trading Forums

In today’s digital world, online forums play an important role in getting support for almost any product or service. Forums exist for almost every niche. One of the great aspects of getting support from a forum is that you can discuss your issue directly with representatives of the brand, moderators, who are usually high ranking members and your peers who also use the same product or service as you. 

However, since forums are often filled with user-submitted content there is always a chance of information being inaccurate. Forex forums, in particular, are rife with spammers or affiliate marketers, trying to boldly scam users or push them to open trading accounts with certain brokers. Whatever the case, these activities do not belong in forums. Besides this, forex trading forums have proven to be very necessary and important. Mainly to discuss forex brokers, trading platforms and signal providers to help prevent peers from falling victim to scammers.

Being part of a forum doesn’t just protect you from misfortune, it can also offer you an edge. By actively participating in it you have the opportunity to interact with other people with a similar interest. They can share their personal experiences with you and in this way, you can get answers to questions or prevent bad things from happening to you or learn from their mistakes. For these reasons, it is very important to be part of an online trading forum.

There are many forex trading forums out there on the internet. In this post, we concentrate on showing you a few cTrader forums. These forums focus strongly on the cTrader platform. All of which you can easily join and thus become part of a cTrader community.

cTrader Forum

The cTrader website itself hosts the official cTrader forum. This one is unquestionably a great forum to be part of. Here you will find different posts from users about platform updates, recent news, announcements and general comments from other traders. Spotware developers and the key moderator Panagiotis Charalampous are incredibly active in the forum.

cTrader Forum
A Preview of the cTrader Forum

To be part of the forum you will just have to follow a few easy steps. You don´t actually need a cTrader trading account to join. You don’t even need to have an account with a broker. You´ll just have to register with your e-mail address to create a cTrader ID.

You can also discuss other topics that are related to the forex market, not everything has to be about cTrader, but it is fair to say that cTrader is the main topic. This forum gives users of cTrader from all countries and all walks of life the opportunity to discuss and not only be part of cTrader community but also to have a dialogue with the company who develops the platform. We personally recommend this forum because is the closest you´ll be to the cTrader platform and that way you will probably get better quality information and get it sooner.

ClickAlgo cTrader Forum

ClickAlgo is a financial technology company whose main business activity is developing different trading tools and applications. They are focused primarily on developing and selling trading indicators, automated strategies, widgets and tools for cTrader. 

ClickAlgo also offers a forum where its users can discuss and seek important information about their services as well as the cTrader platform. Indeed, the primary purpose of this forum is to allow clients or prospective clients of ClickAlgo to obtain information about their products and to find help and support from the company and other people who have tried or have actively used products from the company. 

As an added benefit, you can talk to other cTrader users outside of the cTrader platform itself. Where cTrader prohibits broker discussions in their forum, ClickAlgo does not. While free speech is encouraged, among the rules of the forum is to avoid spam and of course, be respectful of the other members and their opinions. 

RoboForex cTrader Forum

RoboForex is very popular forex and CFD broker that we have talked about previously. The company offers a wide range of trading platforms and of course, among them is cTrader. It has been in operation since 2009 and started offering the cTrader platform since 2014. The group has different entities which are regulated in different jurisdictions, such as Cyprus, Belarus and Belize, which makes it a place where you can feel safe to trade. 

RoboForex Forum
A Preview of the RoboForex Forum

Similar to the previous example, RoboForex also has a forum, which is primarily focused on their own services. Since RoboForex also offers the cTrader platform, there is a cTrader forum or rather a cTrader topic within the RoboForex forum. This forum is a place where you can share knowledge and clear certain doubts about the market, the broker and the cTrader platform.

In this forum, you will be able to find topics such as Information about RoboForex, services available for RoboForex clients, services for copying trades from other traders accounts and much more.

One of the main disadvantages of this forum, however, is that broker discussions are totally banned and the forum is nowhere near as active as the official cTrader forum. 

Which is the Best cTrader Forum?

The verdict on this one is simple. The official cTrader forum found at ctrader.com is indeed the best place to discuss cTrader matters. If it’s forex broker discussions you want to have, then you should probably head over to another forum such as Forex Factory. This is one of the busiest forums you will find. Ultimately its the cTrader forum where you will be able to solve your doubts about the platform and share experiences with other traders also using the cTrader platform. It is easy to log in and normally there are a lot of people online which means you will get fast responses. You can also keep up to date with different news and developments that could harm or benefit you.

As a final note, when you use a forum you become part of the community. This will help you feel much more comfortable with and connected to the product you use so often. It helps you to realize that you are not the only one involved and not the only one facing obstacles. Trading can be especially challenging and especially lonely. 

cTrader Brokers
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