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FXStreet Economic Calendar in cTrader

FXStreet is a top-rated economic calendar service; many forex brokers and online trading websites use their service to show upcoming economic events to their users. While there are several alternative economic calendar data services available on the market, FXStreet is one of the most widely adopted services in the forex industry. Choosing FXStreet to provide data for the cTrader Economic Calendar feature was a logical choice for Spotware, and it would be hard to fault this synergy. 

FXStreet cTrader Integration

The FXStreet economic calendar has been incrementally integrated with the different cTrader applications and now Desktop, Web and Mobile support the feature. On the Desktop and Web versions, the calendar is shown in the Active Symbol Panel. In the mobile application, the calendar is shown inside the symbol overview screen. Because of this approach, you only see upcoming events which directly affect the symbol you are observing. 

One of the greatest aspects of the FXStreet calendar in cTrader is that it’s available in all applications via all brokers. The other content integrations that cTrader supports, such as Trading Central and Autochartist, the broker needs to have a subscription directly with the respective provider. For example, in the Pepperstone cTrader platform, you will see Autochartist whereas in the FxPro cTrader platform you will find Trading Central. 

cTrader Calendar on Desktop & Web

The cTrader economic calendar looks very similar on both desktop and web versions of the platform. In the far right panel, known as the Active Symbol Panel, you can view the upcoming events related to this trading pair.

FXStreet Economic Calendar from cTrader Desktop

In this example, we have used the pair GBP/USD. The upcoming events listed are filtered to show only those who should directly affect this trading pair. The indicator shows the expected impact of the event and the impact from the previous time this event occurred. After the event has occurred, the actual result is recorded. 

cTrader Calendar on Mobile

The economic calendar on the mobile application is located in the Symbol Overview section. When you open the mobile app, the first screen that you see is the watchlist. Selecting any trading pair on the watchlist will take you to the Symbol Overview screen. When you scroll down, you will reveal more information about this symbol. This area is where you will find the Economic Calendar located. Only one event is shown here as a preview, taping “More Events” will open a list of all upcoming events. 

cTrader Economic Calendar on Android Mobile App

How Traders Use Economic Calendars

An economic calendar is used by traders to discover upcoming events that may affect the markets they are trading. Major announcements, whether issued by governments, central banks or publicly listed companies can cause significant movements. The demand for a particular currency depends on the appetite investors, and industries have for doing business with a specific country. The same logic applies to other asset classes too. Events affect demand and traders want to know about these events so they can either predict how an even might affect particular markets. Sometimes traders want to protect themselves from the unpredictability that news can have on an underlying 

Conclusion of cTrader Economic Calendar

Although most forex trading websites already have economic calendars featured on their site and freely available to anyone, cTrader has put this information where you need it, inside of the trading platform. 

The implementation of this calendar is useful as a quick reference when trading on a particular instrument. One of the downsides of this approach is that you can’t see all the major upcoming events collectively, as you could on the FXStreet website, for example. The UK economy and the European economy are closely linked. A significant statement from the European Central Bank or European Union can affect the demand of the Pound, especially during the current extended Brexit period. The same principle applies to the US Dollar. The fate of most economies is connected to China and the countries manufacturing output, which is especially true for the United States. An announcement out of China can have significant impacts on USD. 

We would like to see the option to see all upcoming events and decide what could affect our trading pairs as opposed to just being able to view announcements originating from the country that issues one of the currencies in the pair. 


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