cTrader Developers

Automating a forex trading strategy isn’t just for the elite. Theoretically, any trader can have their trading bot execute or assist their trading strategy. We’ve compiled a list of software developers who are experienced in forex trading and the cTrader platform.

Emet Trading Solutions

Emet Trading Solutions is a development firm with nearly 10 years of experience developing automated trading strategies for clients worldwide. The company develops for many platforms and many asset classes. The trading platforms that Emet has experience with include cTrader, MetaTrader (MT4 & MT5), Ninja Trader, Tradingview and many more. Emet develops indicators, bots, and tools and can convert existing code from one platform to another.

Emet is ideal for experienced traders looking for a long-term partner to develop their indicators and automated trading strategies.


ClickAlgo has branded itself as a cTrader specialist, and its services revolve around the platform. Besides offering custom development services for the cTrader platform, the company offers an e-shop with a number of ready-made indicators and tools for cTrader. ClickAlgo also offers coaching and training for newbies who want to get acquainted with the concept of automated trading and its theoretical side.

ClickAlgo is ideal for traders who are new to algorithmic trading. The ClickAlgo off-the-shelf indicators are ideal if you don’t know where to start.

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