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Do you trade, or are you interested in trying cTrader? Are you an Apple Mac user? Are you trying to find a cTrader desktop installation package for Mac OS? Unfortunately, there isn’t a native desktop version of cTrader for Mac OS. However, cTrader Web is not a bad solution, and you can effectively trade forex and CFDs on cTrader with the workarounds and hack mentioned in this article.

The Difference Between Desktop and Web Versions of cTrader

cTrader Web for Mac
“cTrader Web for Mac”

There is not much difference between cTrader for Web and cTrader for the desktop in manual trading features. All of the same order types, indicators, objects, layouts, colour themes, colour customisation options are all the same. The main differences you will notice are:

  • On cTrader Web, charts are locked so they can only move left and right, whereas, on cTrader desktop, they are unlocked to be moved up, down, left and right.
  • cTrader Web has Heiken Ashi, and the desktop version does not.
  • The desktop version of cTrader allows you to pop out charts into a new window; the web version does not.
  • cTrader Copy is only available in the Web-based version of cTrader. The desktop version has a link that launches the cTrader Copy inside cTrader Web.
  • cTrader Automate is not available in cTrader Web. To develop, test and run trading robots, you need the desktop version of cTrader.

The above list contains the only noteworthy differences between the two versions that we could see. In our opinion, the only major game-changer listed above is the absence of cTrader Automate for web users and, therefore, Mac users. Read on to find out how you can get around this obstacle. If a desktop trading application is a dealbreaker for you, we recommend reading our article, which explores different forex trading platforms for macOS.

Why isn’t there a Mac Version of cTrader?

You may be wondering why there isn’t a Mac version of cTrader, yet when the company and cTrader itself has been around for almost ten years, and Macs are only getting more and more popular.

The main reason, in our opinion, is the cost of implementing and supporting a dedicated Mac version of cTrader. It seems like the companies Mac user base is not extensive enough to justify the investment. Building a new product also means a loss of focus on features for its predominantly Windows-based userbase. Naturally, cTrader attracted a lot of Windows users. The attraction came from cTrader Automate (cAlgo), complemented by Visual Studio, the .Net framework, and the vast community that follows it. Although Microsoft did announce Visual Studio for Mac last year, we have not had a chance to review this version of the prevalent development environment. Currently, we have no idea what it’s like developing indicators and robots for cTrader in Visual Studio for Mac.

From our interpretation of Spotware’s answers to traders in their community and social network sites, we say, don’t get your hopes up. But there is a chance that the task may be a bit easier for the company as Visual Studio is now available for macOS.

How to use cTrader Automate on MacOS

Just because there isn’t a native version of cTrader Desktop for Mac doesn’t mean that you are entirely out of luck. There are two popular ways around this.

Mac Partition Software

There are some well-known software solutions for partitioning your Mac. Partitioning allows you to run both Mac OS and Windows on a single Apple machine, thereby enabling you to install cTrader Desktop on the Windows partition of your Apple computer. Some Mac partition solutions require you to restart when you switch from an operating system instance. However, solutions like Parallels allow you to switch from one operating system to another seamlessly. 

Forex VPS

There is an abundance of Forex trading VPS providers on the market. Some brokers will even help you to get access to a VPS provider. Some brokers will offer a free forex VPS or a subsidised one from a preferred partner. From your Mac, you can connect to a Windows VPS. On this virtual server, you can install cTrader. Therefore you are now able to develop, test and run your cTrader Automate robots and indicators. You could even write the code for your robots and indicators on your Mac machine, thanks to the recent release of Visual Studio for Mac. 

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