Charting Improvements on cTrader Mobile

More Features for cTrader Mobile Trading

Just weeks after the previous update, this is the second update for cTrader mobile this month. The update comes with even more charting features, expanding on the charting tools added in the previous update. This version allows you to amend and add protections to positions and order orders from the full-screen chart mode. The application also makes it easier to apply and modify Trendlines and Fibonacci Rays. 

Chart Trading Functionality Added

The awesome charting and trading experience which is available on cTrader web and desktop platforms is now making its debut in the mobile version of the trading platform. From full-screen chart mode on mobile, you can add and modify protection settings & amend orders. Stop Loss and Take Profit can now be added to Positions and Orders directly on the chart to save time. Furthermore, pending orders can now be amended via simple drag & drop motion.

Precision Enhancement

The Trend Line, as well as the Ray, are now equipped with extra moving precision of the edges. This makes it even easier to apply and modify these objects on top of typically small and also incredibly sensitive and responsive mobile charts. 

Scroll into the Future

Charts can now be scrolled towards the right. This lets you follow your trendlines into the future and see how it might play out. 

As always, this updated comes with a number of small gub fixes and under-the-hood enhancements. You can read the full announcement on the cTrader website, where some helpful gifs have been provided. This set of features will be available on both iOS and Android devices. Currently, these features are only available on the Public Beta version of the platform. This means you can start exploring the new features before they come into play a few weeks after. 

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